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Last Week in Business Communications: May 16, 2016

Last Week in Business Communications is a weekly post where we cover some of the notable articles and happenings in the business communication world from the week before. Check back each Monday for your news fix.


10 key facts businesses need to note about the GDPR
On Computer Weekly

With less than two years before the new EU data protection rules come into force, there are key areas businesses need to focus on to ensure they will be compliant. Read the article >


The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes
On Wired

WHEN PEOPLE TALK about "the next big thing," they're never thinking big enough. It's not a lack of imagination; it's a lack of observation. I've maintained that the future is always within sight, and you don't need to imagine what's already there. Read the article >


How to manage the culture change and customer experience sides of UC to make it work for all
On Computer Weekly

The success of enterprise UC&C is as much to do with a cultural change within the organisation as it has to do with technology, and the focus should be on business need, not IT. That's the belief of many thought leaders in the UC&C space. So what can organisations do to make it all work? Read the article >


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