Are companies mobile-first, cloud-enabled and millennial focused?

Find out in the new market survey report

The mobile enterprise is quickly becoming a reality. It's a product of the intersection of mobile, cloud, and real-time technologies.

It's a major shift. So we worked with Mobile Squared to survey over 3,500 people across mobile carriers and businesses of every size to define what it really means for an enterprise to truly be "mobile-first, cloud-enabled and millennial focused."

Download this exclusive report to discover what the mobile cloud is and how all companies can leverage the functionality to deliver a superior real-time communications environment. 

In this report, you'll also learn about:

  • The influence of Millennials on the modern enterprise
  • How remote working is reshaping workplaces
  • What mobile adoption means for enterprise IT
  • The power of cloud-enabled enterprise software and apps
  • Analysis of application-driven, device-optimized services

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