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High-performance companies know that staying competitive means constantly fine-tuning, upgrading and adapting to changing market conditions. For growing businesses, that means making sure your communications system is up to the caliber that meets your mobile working and collaboration needs.

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Mitel helps companies perform at the highest level by making communications and collaboration seamless. With Mitel solutions, high-performance companies work flexibly with mobile communications, deliver exceptional customer experiences, collaborate effectively as teams and make data-backed decisions. See how Hub One leveraged digital transformation to connect better with their remote workers.


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Introducing the desk phones that make you more mobile

What does mobility mean to your business? Seamlessly switching between your mobile device and desk phone without missing a beat means your employees can move where business takes them. Powered by MiVoice Business 8, the next generation of seamless communications is here. See how the MiVoice 6900 IP phone series brings high-performance communications to the next level.

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Thinking about going hybrid?

Many companies find the transition from an on-premises communications system to a cloud-based one a little daunting up front. To ease the transition, hybrid cloud communications platforms help companies bridge the gap, allowing for staggered migration. The MiVoice Business 8 platform is flexible, and easy-to-manage and -implement, so no matter your preferred deployment strategy, an upgrade to MiVoice Business 8 will get you the high-performance you need.

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