5 Ways to Improve Customer Service Tip Sheet

The key to great customer service is being accessible to your customers—no matter where you are.

Historically call centers were confined to a fixed location. Today, call center agents are not bound to the office; they can work just about anywhere: at home, in the office, or even on the move from a mobile device. Most importantly, that’s not the only benefit mobility brings to the table—your customer service game can receive a big boost. Here are five ways to improve your customer service with mobility.

1. Manage resources to maintain service levels

Balancing supply of call center agents and incoming call volume is a conundrum for many businesses. Seasonal swings can be largely accounted for, but severe weather events arise with little-to-no warning, causing spikes in call volume for insurance companies, hospitals, and municipality resources. With cloud-based call center software, additional seats can be deployed quickly to tackle spikes in call volume. Pay for what you need.

2. Improve internal communications with unified communications

When a customer calls in and the answering agent cannot answer his or her questions, it’s important the agent has immediate visibility and access to a specialist to answer the customer’s questions. With unified communications, agents can see if specialists are online immediately and can contact the specialist to get the answers customers need.

3. Attract and retain employees

As the demand for contact center agents grows, it’s crucial to set yourself apart as the best place to work to get the best agents. With virtual call center technology, businesses have access to a larger employment base and the ability for agents to work from home helps companies attract and retain employees.

4. Ensure your business is always available

Single site call centers with normal working hours may struggle to offer the same level of service at other times. A mobile-enabled workforce alleviates some of these constraints: agents who can work from home are more likely to work evening shifts, and are able to deliver the same level of service as they could from an office. Taking steps to ensure customers get a live person every time they contact you will help create a more satisfied customer base.

5. Have an emergency plan

Any break in call center availability can result in permanent loss of business to a competitor: especially in high-visibility, high-stress times of disaster. Cloudbased call center systems offer resiliency and mobility, meaning you can continue to serve your customers with little interruption caused by power outages, natural disasters, or other situations that could affect your call center agents to get to the office.

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