Mitel Next Paris 2016 - Hub One Interview

By the Experts at Mitel


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Video Transcript

Good afternoon everybody. It's my pleasure to introduce Patrice Belie, he's the CEO of Hub One. Patrice. Hi, good to see you my friend. Good to see you, too. Thank you. So we've got a full house and lots of people dialed in. So I think the first thing we need tell them is a little bit about Hub One. Yeah, sure. Well, Hub One is a digital services company based in France. Originally, we are an offshoot of the Paris Airport Authority, but we've grown into a full-fledged business across France. 10 branches, 500 employees, 4,000 plus customers, and in the end, also I have to say two areas of expertise.

One, we are a full-fledged wireless and wire LAN telco, and second, we are an Enterprise mobility integrator. So we deliver devices and software to actually enable processes for our corporate customers. Wow, that's fantastic. So I know you've been a Mitel partner since 2011. It dates back. It dates back, so. So back in the day, why did you originally choose Mitel Voice, MiCollab, MiCloud? What was it that you saw? Well, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the two companies back in 2011, and the world was different then. Absolutely. Mitel wasn't the number one in Europe like it has become. And we were as Hub One, like I said, an offshoot of the Paris Airport Authority, basically the telecom company for the Paris airport.

Our challenge was really to grow our business way beyond the airport. We have a national license to be a telco, after all. And so to go above and beyond the fence of the airport. Well, it first made sense for us to have a cloud-based solution and there weren't many at the time. Okay. The world has changed things, but there weren't many at the time. Second, we performed a benchmark among available players, and we really liked with Mitel, the variety of functionalities actually in a single number, and the quality of cell phone, and so on and so forth. So based on the rational criteria, we made the choice.

We also made the choice, I have to say, because we could really team up and be partners together in a real sense of the term- All right. Meaning, we would bring business to one another. And I'm glad, I'm proud to say that this relationship has been going on for those many years. That's great and it's been a very interesting five or six years. We met in Dallas a little bit earlier this year, and at that meeting, I was very excited because I was sharing with Patrice for the very first time my excitement around the mobile enterprise. And as opposed to being excited, Patrice actually looked relieved, as he's been on that journey for a long, long time. So maybe you could share with the group your view of what the mobile enterprise is. Well, mobile is part of our DNA. Like I said, again, our roots are in the airport. The Paris airport welcome like 120,000 people a day that come to work there. And all these workers are mostly mobile, they on the field, they are commercial relationship people. They will pass through security and so on and so forth. So mobility was kind of obvious for us from inception, I should say. And from there on, we thought mobility is what really our customers want.

They want actually a piece of software that enables their workers to work on the field on top of a device with connectivity coming behind. And that's what relates to Hub One and Mitel, from the core network down to the device, that's where we are. So this is really how we view mobility and mobility has to be native. And that's why also Mitel, in its moving strategy, has the all right. Right, I mean the mobility piece is so much a core of what you do, given the environment that you operate in. Outside of mobility, what else do you think enterprises should consider when thinking about their business communications for the future?

Well, it's a tricky question because most IT directors are going to think, well, costwise and does it makes sense to migrate my older telephony solutions premises-based, to a full-fledged unified communications solution, for the mere purpose of phoning? Well, if you are thinking about phoning, it doesn't make sense, obviously. What we are after is actually changing the world and enabling the full-fledged communication suite and empowering actually the people within the enterprise. In order to empower them, you have to make it, well, to make communication seamless, I need to be able to move from the outside, forge a network into the indoor WiFi network.

Right. So, flawlessly, seamlessly, these are heterogeneous networks, so I have to move from one to the other. I have to connect a great variety of devices with BYOD and a variety of operating systems, too. And all in all, I need to make sure that all the functionalities are fully exploited like unified communications, video conferencing, being able to share and co-edit documents and so on, so forth. And once you've achieved all this, well, cost doesn't really matter. Okay, so cost really becomes a factor outside of the core consideration. Pretty much so. Operating the business is the main thing.

Well, that's fantastic, Patrice, and I just want to thank you so much on behalf of everybody here for you coming and sharing your story with us. Thank you so much. Thank you. Bye. So you've heard it from Patrice himself. Hub One and Mitel have been working together on a journey for a long, long time. Mitel was there at the beginning when they made that transition from digital to IP. We then virtualized, and from there we've got a real shared vision around mobile and digital transformation. People ask me about Hub One, are they a partner, an end user, an applications developer? And my answer is, to Mitel, they're actually all three. We believe that as partners Mitel and Hub One have the best path to future. And with that, I'm gonna hand back to Rich. Thank you.