Mitel Next Paris 2016 - Jon Brinton Interview

By the Experts at Mitel

From the Video

Yeah, so what I'm really excited about with the intersection of the mobile enterprise and the cloud business is what you saw today with our new 6900 series phones and how they integrate with a mobile environment in a mobile world. And then when you look at that and the commitment that we expanded today to our customer base to say that we'll leave no customer behind, Mitel has proven again that we're truly committed to supporting private, hybrid and public cloud deployments for our customers.

And when you combine that with what we announced today with our world cloud initiative where we'll be delivering services to customers in nearly 40 countries around the world. It truly gives Mitel customers the opportunity to take advantage of our solutions like our team work collaboration solution and integrations in order to make their employees more productive and draw them closer together. There is a work on the part of their business around the world.