Mitel Next Paris 2016 - Jon Brinton - Mitel World Cloud

By the Experts at Mitel


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Video Transcription

So what does every business, regardless of their size, have in common? They all had to start somewhere. In the beginning, they had to survive and that business had to grow and adapt as quickly as possible to stay competitive. That's why Mitel has been helping our customers grow by facilitating seamless communications and collaborations. One touch to connect communications. Solutions that are vital to succeed. What the mini moguls in the video that you just watched were demonstrating, isn't new technology. It's something that Mitel's been powering in the form of connections for our customers for over 40 years.

Now, what is new and what they're demonstrating is the ability to drive communication and collaboration simplicity, in a unified way, globally. Today's digital economy represents a global opportunity for those fast moving visionaries. High-performance businesses must have a footprint where their market is today, and they must have their eye keenly focused on where they need to move tomorrow. The reality of business today is if you're not thinking global, your competitors are, and Mitel's here to help. So today I'm proud to announce the next evolution of Mitel's cloud footprint for our customers and our partners, Mitel World Cloud. Mitel World Cloud powers the global connections needed for your entire workforce, in order to deliver seamless communications wherever they're located, in a consolidated and secure environment. Solutions that accelerate real-time team collaboration and reduce IT complexity.

Over the past few years, we've been expanding our global footprint, now to 14 data centers globally, that support our solutions in top tier data centers around the world. We've expanded our reach into a growing list of now nearly 40 countries where we can deliver our cloud solutions to our customers. Businesses of all sizes can now consolidate and centralize on a single cloud solution, with a single administration panel, with a single invoice, and a single currency. Mitel is not only your best path to the cloud, we are the now the best path for your new global cloud. Mitel World Cloud unites workforces by virtually bridging the distance between distributed teams around the globe and breaking down the barriers of international communications. Executing on Mitel's vision of seamless communications, World Cloud enables growing businesses to address customers' needs like a global 500 company. Or it allows large enterprises to act like a nimble startup.

For example, a geological services company that came to Mitel recently came to us to have us help consolidate seven other global locations across Italy, Northern Europe, the US. And also to integrate with their nomadic workforce that could be on a job site or in the field anywhere around the world, to help ensure a consistent user experience and a frictionless IT environment for their company. Through MiTeam, our work group collaboration software, their global employees are empowered to collaborate as if they were centrally located in the same room. They can use persistent messaging, content sharing, and on the fly video conferencing in order to connect real time and conduct business together as if they were all in one place. And with MiCloud integrations, we've talked to you today about digital transformation.

What used to be a manual task can now be automated into the employees' workflow. Improving productivity and allowing them to focus on what really matters. Driving success in your business. Our strategy is simple. Regardless of where you are today, Mitel has the technology, footprint and expertise to deliver the best path to the cloud. That strategy is also being extended to our cloud partners. Many of you may not know that Mitel today, now has cloud partners building and deploying our solutions in 24 countries around the world. And early next year, they will also be able to leverage our global cloud capabilities and infrastructure in order to extend their own cloud offerings and capabilities to help their customers grow, as well as to deliver new services to new markets worldwide. With Mitel World Cloud, small business can become global enterprises, global enterprises can achieve new levels of agility, and partners, our partners can expand their exceptional services in their global reach. And that's how Mitel is building the best path to the future. Thank you.