Mitel Next Paris 2016 - Josh Haslett - 5 Key Design Principles

By the Experts at Mitel


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Video Transcript

What an exciting journey we're all on together. It's interesting as we chart the path from A to B, we have five key design principles that we really are focused in on.

The first of those is building a cloud platform for innovation. This is innovation that Mitel will bring to bear new services and new applications from but it's also the opportunity for an ecosystem of partners to build vertical workflow applications in the industries that you are in today. Like health care, education, hospitality and many more. This will be a common framework for our existing platforms. The same path that we've been on already with extending applications and endpoints across all those platforms, like with MiCollab, earlier released this year, and what we've done with the 6000 series handsets.

Number two is investment protection. Mitel has had a history of delivering an intelligent path for you to evolve your communications infrastructure. Whether you purchased a TDM system form Mitel years back and wanted to move that to IP. Or if you went from IP on proprietary hardware and wanted to move to a virtual instance that ran in your data center with the rest of your applications. Or if you wanted to take the virtual instance and move that into the public Cloud, Mitel is giving you a path. This platform for innovation will have that same backwards compatibility that we've delivered all along the way.

Number three, you've heard this from Rich, you've heard it from Terry, you've heard it from Bob, we're on a path of digital transformation. And digital transformation for your businesses begins as we digitize workflows. So we started this journey earlier this year when we announced embedded communications. And we've enabled partners like FieldAware to reimagine the way that they deliver communications for their customers. They've done that through features like Service ETA, where they allow a customer to get notification when a service technician's been dispatched to the problem or when work's been completed. They've also done this with intelligent dispatch. It's the opportunity for a dispatcher to know where the resources in the field are, real-time, so they can make intelligent decisions when customers have high priority issues. And they've also delivered that through Find an Expert, which is the opportunity for a field technician in the field to be able to reach out to experts within their organization, whether they be in their office or also out remote. And get expert assistance with voice and video capability in real-time.

Number four is giving you the opportunity to embrace this disruption. You can either have an exciting journey that you're on that we're helping to enable. And we're seeing that with the speed of innovation, with micro services and cloud delivered applications, that today's companies are born digital. Through this platform, we're extending Mitel's capability to become a good cloud citizen and help embrace that innovation in real-time. To enable third-party work flows, and also to turn on the opportunity for you to do customer configured automated work streams.

And number five, Mobile First, it's been our design principle, it's been the direction that Mitel's been going. And you've seen it witnessed here today, with launch of the Mitel 6900 series sets, where we provide seamless communications for the enterprise. So, Rich, that's a bird's eye view of how we're delivering on the promise to build the path for you, for the future. And our strategy to help you embrace disruptive cloud opportunity, with the peace of the mind of the premise solution you already have, thank you.