Mitel Next Paris 2016 - Patrice Bélie Interview

By the Experts at Mitel

From the Video

Mobile enterprise has many ends for Hub One. Because first of all, it's a name that we have for all of our corporate customers. The entire enterprise world is moving to being mobile and more mobile, by the day. So, mobile enterprise is pretty much one where all the workers can get together into communication place, into communication platform, wherever they are. Internet work, moving, also moving from the outdoor 4G network into the indoor Wi-Fi network.

Moving seamlessly from the desktop handset to the mobile handset, moving seamlessly from the unified communications tool to the instant messaging, and while keeping a conversation on the phone, co-editing documents and so on and so forth. So for me, the mobile enterprise is truly an enabler of the future. Afoot, a couple customers are going to be able to do. As a matter of fact, since we are very much engaged as of one and two, on the mobile enterprise, in a way. And I understand Likewise, we have actually abducted the whole suite of Mitel, too.

So, I use on daily basis MiVoice. Actually, back in last June I underwent surgery of the knee and was locked in bed for a month. Well, if I didn't have the tools available I would basically have stalled the company. Using the tools, I was able to keep the company running, run business reviews, run meetings, collating documents with my friends and employees. And that was just a great experience to get the company going. And this actually infuses a great deal of energy also into the company. This is what we're all about. This is about mobility.