Mitel Next Paris 2016 - Rich McBee Conclusion

By the Experts at Mitel


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Video Transcript

Our world is transforming, your world is transforming. We're going on this journey together. Whether it be cloud, mobility, applications, Internet of Things. They're all driving a rapid digital transformation. Whether it's changing faster than we'd like, or slower than we expected, it really depends on your perspective. But the reality is, change is for certain. What will not change, what will not change is Mitel's vision to provide seamless communications and collaboration, a path to the future.

Our customers, our partners are key to helping us envision and define that future. We count on your insight to shape our path to the future. So, over the rest of today and for those that are here tomorrow, the reality is your inputs, your vision, your what-ifs, are what drive our company to the future. I think your gonna be very pleased for those that are in the room to be able to go upstairs and see some of the things that we're doing today. Because it's very exciting. We want to partner with you on that journey. So I'm often asked, what's Mitel's next move? All that I can say is, stay tuned to the next Mitel.

The reality is, there are over 1,500 people who joined us in the room today and on the broadcast worldwide. That's a testament to the interest and the passion that you have demonstrated to Mitel. I guarantee you, it's very enabling and energizing to all the Mitel employees worldwide. The future is very bright. The future is very exciting. And the technologies are coming together. We can make that bridge from the past to the future, at the pace you and your customers want to go. Mitel will be there for you. Thank you very much.