Mitel Next Paris 2016 - Rich McBee Interview

By the Experts at Mitel

From the Video

I think the mobile enterprise is one of the things that at the forefront of driving Mitel. We think mobile in everything that we do. That's why we say with our vision and our mission about one tap to connect. Because that's how people think, and that's how they wanna communicate, and that's how they wanna collaborate. That's what really the future is, is this seedlessness between mobility and the fixed environment. That's what customers are looking for. What they need is a path to get there.

And that's what Mitel is really focused on providing. We have a lot of technologies that we're working, we've got a huge install base around the world. And being able to take that installed base that we have and move them to next generation apps around communications and collaboration is key.

One of the things that every customer that I talk to is always asking me about is how do I bridge this from my fixed environment to a mobile environment. I cant be just one, I have to be both. Making that communications and collaborations seamless between those two environments is what customers are really looking for and what Mitel is doing today.