Mitel Next Paris 2016 - Rich McBee Introduction

By the Experts at Mitel


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Video Transcription

Welcome. Welcome to the Mitel Next program. Today's gonna be a fun day. We get the opportunity to really share what we've been working on, talk a little bit about the future. And give you a good insight into the industry. The reality is, today in the audience we have both customers, partners and special guests. In addition, we're broadcasting this around the world real time as well. So this is truly a global audience that we'll have today. It's been one year since Mitel started our view the future on the mobile enterprise.

A world where the lines between enterprise and mobile intersect, a world where seamless communications and collaboration finally becomes reality. You know, it's been a year since we began traveling the world with our Mitel Next program. This is the fourth one that we've done. Sharing our vision of where industry is headed and putting in place the building blocks of really the next generation, seamless communications and collaboration for the future. We've been to Dallas, Texas, we've been to Berlin, we've been to to San Diego. And here we are in Paris today.

We'll be introducing some new products and services that we have but we'll also be talking more importantly about the future. And it's one of the things that we've done, every time is that we've introduced some new technology and concepts. And then at the next Mitel Next, we actually show them as commercially available products in the market. So we're very excited to do that once again today here in Paris. A lot has happened in a year. The reality is we've expanded our cloud community. We've introduced MiContact Center. MiCloud, we expanded to France and Germany, we've introduced an embedded communications business from Mitel.

We've launched the Mobile First services with MiTeam and Multi-ID. We've enabled vertical integration and innovation and we've done that in the hospitality market with our connected guests. We've done that in the health care industry with elder care solutions and we've done that in education with mass event notification. You know, the market convergence and consolidation have shifted really into overdrive. And we see this every day. Changing the competitive landscape and opening doors for new opportunities. In unified communications and collaboration, the mobile enterprise and the internet of things, which will be one of the things you see a lot of today. All colliding and collapsing in a modern day version of what I call kind of the Big Bang theory.

It's things that you're gonna have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. And the evidence is now clear that the transformation is under way. The reality is our world is rapidly moving to a cloud based and mobile first environment. The question is no longer if and when, the real question is when and how. In the first six months of this year, the first six months, Mitel alone added 500,000 cloud seats, both hosted and private. That's a 25% increase year over year. The market is definitely moving.

Around the world, Lighthouse customers are showing us the way. T-Mobile, FieldAware, Texas A&M, San Diego Padres, and you'll hear from another Mitel customer leading the way today in Europe. And it should be very interesting for everyone. Today, many businesses continue to buy premise-based equipment. That's a fact and you know what? They're happy with it. They are happy with it and I'm happy with it that they're buying it. But the fact is there are moments of frustration because they can't unlock the real value of somebody's new advanced services and applications. Like cloud-based business productivity applications.

They really kind of bridge the premise to the internet of the future. Is that a conflict or a contradiction? You know, can we be standing still and moving forward at the same time? How do we get from A to B, does one size fit all? That's the question we ask. What does it mean for small businesses or large businesses? Are they the same or are they different? Does the transformation have to happen in steps and pieces or could it happen all at once? How fast is too soon? And the corollary is how slow is too late? How does this impact you in your business everyday? How does it impact us as a company? I can assure you we're here to listen.

So where's the industry going? Where are our customers going, where are our partners going, and what's Mitel going to do to enable seamless communications and collaboration today, tomorrow and in the future. The reality is the market is changing at a very rapid pace. I feel it almost every day. What you should be thinking about and more importantly how do you really repair for the future that's today and far into the future. Well, that's what we're gonna talk about today. We've got some presenters that I think are the industry's experts in this. And their gonna share their insights and thoughts and what Mitel is doing to not only prepare you for the future but to move us all to the future.