Product Demo: MiTeam Demo

MiTeam Demo Video Transcript

It's 4:30, it's the end of the quarter, and we find Ryan here with one more deal to close to meet his quota before the end of the day. In order to make the deal move as quickly as possible, Ryan opens a project workstream he has previously created with key stakeholders including his sales leader, operations, and finance primes. Ryan sends a few chats to the team to let them know there's one more deal to close. Since the discovery of the opportunity, all conversations, documents, and whiteboard sessions during team meetings are available to reference at any time on any device.Through a simple screen pop, an integration back into the CRM system of choice, Ryan knows that this is the call he's been waiting for. 
The heads up display shows the prospect name and phone number with a scrollable history of communications with the prospect.The prospect knows it's the last day of the quarter, and he asks for a 5% discount before agreeing to the deal.The simple integrated notes field helps keep track of the conversation and anticipates your actions. Like creating an event task because you typed the words, follow up today. Looking for a quick turnaround, Ryan goes back to his project team to seek approval on the discount. To keep the team on point, he flags the action items for a sales manager and finance primes to approve the discounts. The sales manager edits the contract and checks the to do off his list. The finance prime provides a simple approval as well. Ryan is now ready to close the deal. With a simple click to dial within the CRM record, the customers is now back on the phone. Ryan wraps up the deal live on the phone with the customer and copies the notes down. Within the display, he is able to change the record status to sales closed and wraps up his hard work for the day. Within the same window pane, Ryan alerts the necessary parties to the follow up action items to ensure a complementary customer experience and passes off the baton. After a job well done Ryan signs off, accomplishing a successful quarter in.

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