What is Team Collaboration Tools?

By Hal Werner

Team collaboration, or collaborative learning, is essentially people working together to solve a problem, create a product or derive meaning from a body of material. A central question or problem serves to organize and drive activities as well as encourage application, analysis and synthesis of course material. While the landscape of technology that can be used to support central activities of collaborative learning is vast and varied, it is often lumped together under a single label: “collaboration tools.”

Tools that exist to support collaboration can facilitate real-time and asynchronous text, voice and video communication; assist in basic project management activities; support co-creation by enabling groups to modify output in real-time or asynchronously; facilitate consensus building through group discussions and polling; simplify and streamline resource management and enable local and remote presentation and archiving of completed projects. In the workplace, valuable collaboration tools should have integrated messaging, private communication, online and over the phone conference calling, video chats, and storage in a central location features.