MiCloud Enterprise: An MVP for BSN Sports

MiCloud Enterprise: An MVP for BSN Sports

BSN provides athletic apparel, footwear, and team uniforms, as well as sports equipment-everything from boxing gloves to basketball goals. As a result of numerous mergers and acquisitions over the years, the company now has 1,750 employees spread across 80 offices.

With a lean IT team and numerous acquisitions per year, BSN relies on Mitel to manage dozens of offices and hundreds of employees with ease and efficiency. Learn why BSN trusts Mitel as their communications provider and outfits new acquisitions with Mitel systems regardless of the system in-place.

Read to learn more about:

  • Choosing a solution that fits your needs today and can adapt as your business grows and requirements change
  • The difference an intuitive interface can make in simplifying tasks for an overburdened IT team
  • How to deploy and scale a new solution quickly for agility throughout mergers and acquisitions

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