Mitel BluStar 8000i

The Mitel BluStar 8000i Desktop Media Phone is a powerful desktop video conferencing and collaboration tool that is designed to enhance the way you communicate and collaborate. Offering true HD video conferencing, the Mitel BluStar 8000i uses the latest in video and communications technology to enable a natural high quality video experience.

The Mitel BluStar 8000i desktop media phone combines true HD video conferencing with unified communications and business applications turning it into a powerful collaboration tool that is intelligent, intuitive and easy to use.

With its 13 inch touch screen, the Mitel BluStar 8000i provides broadcast quality video and audio, resulting in a totally “natural collaboration” experience. The product delivers true HD 720p video conferencing at a rate of 30 frames per second. The video quality is matched by superior HD sound quality, delivered via four voice tracking microphones and three speakers.

This high quality desktop media phone enhances productivity by helping teams to work better together – whether for peer-to-peer communication or multi-way video conferencing with up to 11 participants appearing on-screen at any one time. At the touch of a button, and without the need to book meeting rooms, teams can conference to share documents and review and discuss project developments for improved productivity and reactivity. Sharing content from a desktop PC to Mitel BluStar 8000i devices is intuitively easy and enables quick and efficient information sharing.

In addition to the strong collaboration features, Mitel BluStar 8000i provides a range of built-in business productivity applications, which can run at the same time as the live video. Half of the display can be allocated to user defined applications to create a powerful business dashboard delivering information and business intelligence easily and in real time.

The Mitel BluStar 8000i desktop media phone is a powerful communication tool that is an essential part ofMitel’s Unified Communication and Collaboration portfolio – the BluStar Ecosystem. BluStar takes business communications to a new level across a choice of clients and devices, providing consistent user experience by using video as the key driver. BluStar’s range of productivity enhancing tools provide more choice and flexibility to answer the increasingly diverse communication needs of today’s modern enterprise.

Features & Benefits

Native HD Video

Utilizing the large 13 inch colour TFT display, the BluStar Media Phone displays true 720p HD video for video calling and video conferencing, making remote communication personal again.

Outstanding HD Audio

With three high fidelity speakers providing left, right & central audio emission, and G.719/G.722 wideband codecs support, the BluStar 8000i has outstanding audio features enabling you to clearly hear everything that is said.

Smart Microphones

Four microphones are networked to form a steerable array that tracks your voice location and helps eliminate unwanted background noise, the BluStar 8000i audio features enable you to hear and be heard – just like being there in person.

In-Person Communication

Face-to-face video calls provide a rich in-person communication experience quickly and conveniently. With powerful presence & directory look-up features and ad-hoc conferencing just a click away, the BluStar Media Phone brings people instantly together.

Rich Presence Information

Real-time presence information makes getting in touch with contacts at the right time using the right mode of communication a simple and easy task. The BluStar 8000i's rich presence capabilities provide an accurate view of a user's availability across a variety of communication devices and applications. Phone line and calendar presence capabilities combined with its intuitive user interface make the BluStar 8000i a powerful communication tool that brings natural collaboration to every desktop.

PC Desktop Sharing

Sharing your PC desktop is made intuitively easy promoting quick and efficient information sharing. Live sharing of desktops while still viewing video participants takes productivity to a new level.

Business Applications

BluStar Desktop Media Phones can easily be integrated into daily business processes via built-in and customizable applications. The BluStar 8000i can run productivity enhancing applications simultaneously with video calling making it simple to have real time access to business intelligence.

Intuitive Communication

The BluStar Media Phone has been designed to provide a natural and intuitive communication experience. The HD video & audio quality and the intuitive user interfaces combine to make the Mitel BluStar 8000i Desktop Media Phone a powerful communication tool that brings natural collaboration to every desktop.

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