Mitel BluStar Conference

Mitel BluStar Conference provides a versatile HD video conferencing solution supporting an external HD camera, HD capable displays & audio options. BluStar for Conference promotes frequent and ad-hoc use making group collaboration easy.

Mitel BluStar Conference expands the BluStar Ecosystem to include a versatile video conferencing solution for medium to large boardrooms or conference rooms. Supporting an external HD camera, HD capable displays and projects, and audio options, Mitel BluStar Conference provides a powerful and flexible solution to meet the needs of modern businesses. 

With its intuitively easy to use interface and controls, Mitel BluStar Conference promotes frequent and ad-hoc use, making it easy for true HD face-to-face communication. Its flexible configuration and interfaces enable traditional conference room usage as well as support for applications where maneuverable cameras can share video streams as easily as making a phone call. Mitel BluStar Conference can be fully integrated with Mitel communication servers, providing a video collaboration solution which is cost efficient, easy to deploy, manage and use.

Mitel BluStar Conference is designed for ease of use and simple configuration. By utilizing the same user interface as the award winning BluStar 8000i Desktop Media Phone, and making use of its rich presence capabilities to provide users accurate real-time information about the availability of contacts in their favorites list, users can easily initiate multi-way video conference calls promoting greater collaboration between remote teams. Mitel BluStar Conference is available as a complete conference room solution with camera, wireless audio conference phone and wireless controller or as individual components for upgrading voice only rooms to a video enabled solution.

Mitel BluStar Conference is an essential part of Mitel's Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) portfolio — the BluStar Ecosystem. BluStar takes business communications to a new level across a choice of devices, providing a consistent user experience by using video as the key mode of communication. BluStar productivity enhancing tools provide more choice and flexibility to answer the increasingly diverse communication needs of today’s modern enterprise. As a BluStar user it is possible to use video across all BluStar devices connected to the same communication server.


Key Features and Functionality

Designed for ease of use and simple configuration

  • Open standards based application - SIP call control & H.264 video encoding
  • Intuitive user interface promoting frequent and ad-hoc use
  • Consistent UI with other BluStar devices and clients - identical to the BluStar 8000i

Fully Integrated with Aastra communication servers

  • Easy to configure, manage and use
  • Deployed like any SIP extension off the call manager

Ad-hoc conferencing capabilities for multi-way video conferencing and collaboration

  • Up to 4-way when deployed with Mitel communication servers
  • Up to 11- way when deployed with a Mitel Application Server (BAS)

Does not require the use of a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)

True HD video and audio communication

  • 720p HD 1280x720 video image resolution
  • G.722 and G.719 wideband audio

Standards based interfaces for audio and video:

  • HDMI video IN and OUT
  • Component R/G/B video IN
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom COM port for camera control
  • USB 2.0 for wireless keyboard controller
  • 3.5mm Stereo jacks for audio IN/OUT

Standard Telephony Features

  • On-screen dial pad, Hold, Transfer, 4-way Conference, Favorites, Call Forward, Call Pickup, Redial/Call Histories, BLF/Presence, DND, MWI

Rich Presence capabilities including: Calendar and Line status

Built in VPN client for remote access

Directory integration with LDAP, Microsoft Exchange

Supports most HD capable displays and projectors via HDMI interface

Supports most Multi-Touch Screen TVs for direct on-screen touch UI control

True 720p HD colour video camera

  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera control from remote BluStar 8000i as well as room based control
  • 3x Optical zoom
  • Up to 30 frame per second refresh rate

Wireless conference phone with full echo cancellation

  • Superior audio quality and high pickup range with two wireless omnidirectional microphones and wireless speaker

Wireless keyboard controller for easy control and configuration

  • Flexibility to originate calls from anywhere in the conference room

Multiple Language Support

  • User Interface (UI) is available in several different languages

Power saving options to reduce energy consumption

Desktop, wall or rack mount options 


Mitel BluStar Conference Solution

Mitel BluStar Conference is supplied as a fully integrated kit that is pre-configured and certified making it easy to deploy. The kit comes with all of the required connecting cables and power supplies and includes:

  • BluStar for Conference Room Codec
  • BluStar HD 610 Camera
  • Mitel S850i Wireless Conference Phone
  • Wireless Keyboard Controller
  • Interconnecting audio and video cables


All elements of the Mitel BluStar Conference kit can be purchased separately providing an upgrade path for those conference rooms which might already have user supplied components. Note: To complete a Mitel BluStar Conference installation, a user supplied HD capable display or projector is required as it is not provided as part of the kit.

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