MiVoice Enterprise Manager

The Mitel Enterprise Manager simplifies solution management by centralizing administration, minimizing repetitive tasks and automating many standard processes. In addition, it allows access to multiple sites and systems from a single interface increasing staff productivity.

Some core capabilities of Enterprise Manager include:

  • Proactive Network Monitoring (ensures system availability and voice quality performance management)
  • SNMP-based alarm management
  • Alarm history, event history
  • Alarm assignment to technician
  • Email-out notification with filtering
  • Notification escalation
  • SNMP Alarm forwarding to higher level management platform
  • Alarm Monitor for Microsoft® Windows® desktop tray

Solution Administration

  • Audio file management
  • Network Wide Scheduler
    • Hotdesk User Logout
    • System Back-Ups
    • Integrated Directory Service Synchronization
    • File Imports
    • File Exports
  • Collect and automatically store
    • System Back ups
    • Audit Trails
    • System Call records

Maintenance and Diagnostics

  • Audio file management
  • MCD Software Installer
  • IP network diagnostics
  • Remote trace route
  • IP Phone Analyzer

Security Administration

  • Control over user roles and privileges
  • Control what management tools and functions a user can access
  • Control which systems or system groups a user can access
  • User audit logs

Mitel Voice Quality Manager

  • Network wide voice quality monitoring
  • Drill down on an individual phone basis

Enterprise Manager Reporting

  • Solution audit trails
  • Solution inventory
  • Alarms and events
  • Voice quality data
  • User and device information
  • Report scheduling

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