Session Border Controller

The Session Border Controller is now a staple element of nearly every SIP-based communications network, securing network edges, regulating traffic flows in and out of networks, and normalizing signaling and media used in real-time communications.

The conditions that gave rise to SBCs well over ten years ago still exist and the approaches to solving these issues are well-understood and widely implemented.

However, with the dramatic growth in wireless usage, the evolution of wireless networks, increasingly diverse and demanding service expectations, and the adoption of cloud and NFV architectures, the communications industry is in a state of disruption. While the problems solved by SBCs over the course of the first phase (a period of 10-15 years) still need to be addressed, this recent disruption adds new requirements on SBCs, sparking a new phase in the product category.

The business environment brings added pressures, where operators are dealing with End of Life refresh cycles, a growing push for second sourcing their SBC, and mergers and acquisitions activity forcing hard decisions about their existing SBC supplier relationships.

Operators and service providers increasingly require SBCs to:

  1.     Support contemporary wireless functionality (e.g., VoLTE) and traffic models;
  2.     Move beyond simple voice services and support more sophisticated services, such as high definition voice, rich services like chat, IM, presence, messaging, file-share, and VoWiFi;
  3.      Scale out massively and accommodate signaling-heavy advanced services like messaging, presence updates, and, in the case of VoWifi, unpredictable and frequent registration updates; and
  4.     Support evolved approaches to flexible network design and operating models, including cloud and NFV/SDN architectures.

Mitel’s SBC addresses each of these new requirements, representing a next generation approach to session border control, one that is software based, virtualized, commercially proven, and optimized for today’s diverse services. Operators of all types, including mobile, fixed, IPX and peering service providers, and SIP trunking service providers, can leverage improved scalability, greater deployment flexibility, and ultimately lower operating cost with Mitel’s SBC.

Mitel's products, including application servers and gateways, are deployed on Mitel's mOne® Convergence Platform.