Time to Move on from Toshiba

With Toshiba exiting the communications space, you may find yourself in difficult and unfamiliar territory.
Now’s the time to ensure your next steps are on a better path forward with a communications system built with your business in mind.

What’s next for Toshiba Customers?

Standing still with an unsupported communications system can be disruptive to business and leave you lagging behind your competition. When Michael Johnson Performance’s Nortel system was left unsupported, the team quickly realized that, in order to stay competitive, they had to re-evaluate their needs and choose a system they could depend on.
“ As we began looking for a partner to support our business needs, we didn’t really know what was out there. When we actually began to research the capabilities that Mitel could provide us, we were blown away.” – Michael Johnson Performance

Choose a Better Path Forward

When you take your next steps, you need to be sure it is the right path so you don’t end up back where you started. That means working with a vendor that has a reputation for high performance and stability to ensure your business is supported today and in the future, no matter how your needs change and grow. With feature-rich and mobile-first solutions to support your communications from end to end, Mitel is the only brand in five Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for business communications.

Act Now: Exclusive Offers for Toshiba Customers


Growing businesses with on-premises systems need an affordable and simple communications platform. The MiVoice Office 250 is easy to use and offers seamless integration to minimize the disruption to your business. To help you make the switch, we'll give you 4-for-3 phone pricing with the purchase of 12-20 phones OR 3-for-2 phone pricing with the purchase of 21 or more phones*.
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Don’t want to get locked into infrastructure and management complexity? MiCloud Office was designed for today’s increasingly mobile workforce ensuring you have the same communications experience no matter where you are. To help you make the switch we’ll buyout your contract for up to $200/line*.
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Choose the better path forward