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Mitel Completes Acquisition of Toshiba Unified Communications Systems Business Assets

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Transition to Mitel Seamlessly

Change can be challenging for businesses. This is why Mitel is committed to ensuring our customers get the support and service they need during this period of transition. Our customers are our number one priority and we want to help you connect with a Toshiba transition expert anytime, anywhere. To help, we’ve created an FAQ to answer any questions you might have.


Choose a Better Path Forward

When you take your next steps, you need to be sure it is the right path so you don’t end up back where you started. That means working with a vendor that has a reputation for high performance and stability to ensure your business is supported today and in the future, no matter how your needs change and grow. With feature-rich and mobile-first solutions to support your communications from end to end, Mitel is the only brand in three Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for business communications.

Find your best path with Mitel

Find a business communications system that fits your unique needs whenever, wherever. When Michael Johnson Performance’s Nortel system was left unsupported, the team quickly realized that, in order to stay competitive, they had to re-evaluate their needs and choose a system they could depend on.

“As we began looking for a partner to support our business needs, we didn’t really know what was out there. When we actually began to research the capabilities that Mitel could provide us, we were blown away.” – Michael Johnson Performance

Common Customer Questions

  1. What does this transaction mean for customers with Toshiba unified communications products
    • For Toshiba customers, it is business as usual. Toshiba products, which are known and trusted, will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.
    • Customers can expect seamless continuity of service, with no service disruption, and they can expect the same or better quality of support from Mitel.
    • End of service for these Toshiba products will continue through to the end of the existing warranty.
    • Over time, the acquisition by Mitel provides the added advantage of extending the life of existing Toshiba products and a graceful transition to next-generation technologies at their own pace.
  2. What changes should customers expect and when?
    • It is business as usual for Toshiba customers and partners. Continue to follow the same processes that exist today with respect to service, support, and fulfillment for Toshiba products.
    • Any changes to products, programs, or processes resulting from the acquisition will be communicated well in advance.
    • To ensure continuity of service for Toshiba customers, a number of key Toshiba employees in sales, support, and R&D roles will join Mitel beginning July 1.
    • Questions or concerns, please contact or contact Mitel at 469-574-8156.
  3. Will the Toshiba products be integrated into the Mitel portfolio? Mitel will share its product roadmap, which will detail the degree of integration you can expect, within 90 days of the close of the transaction.
  4. Will current customer contracts/purchase orders with Toshiba for its unified communications products still be valid? If so, for how long?
    • Yes, current contracts will continue to be valid.
    • Mitel is responsible for fulfilling all contracts and will support the Toshiba unified communications products until end of existing warranty.
  5. What about warranty and product support for existing Toshiba products? How long will they be in effect? Mitel will honor existing warranties and the SUS (Software Upgrade and Support) plan according to the existing warranty period.
  6. Mitel will honor existing warranties and the SUS (Software Upgrade and Support) plan according to the existing warranty period? To ensure product continuity and support to the greatest degree possible, a core team of Toshiba employees, across sales, support, and R&D, will join Mitel.
  7. As a Toshiba customer, why should I consider staying with Mitel for the long term?
    • Mitel is enabling Toshiba customers to not only extend the life of their products but also to make a graceful transition to next-generation technologies, with access to Mitel’s entire portfolio of premise, hybrid, and cloud-based portfolios and applications.
    • Mitel is a major global player in the unified communications and collaboration industry, with a well-established stable business. We have a strong vision, mission, and customer-first focus, and are investing heavily in technology for the future with new products and technologies in the pipeline.
  8. Will the sales coverage model or go-to-market approach change? It is business as usual. We will communicate information about any changes well in advance.
  9. Who do I call with questions or concerns? or call 469-574-8156