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Change can be challenging for businesses, which is why Mitel is committed to helping you and your customers during this time of transition. Our channel partners are key to our success, and we want to best enable you with the tools and support you need. To help, we’ve created an FAQ to help answer some of the top questions you might have.

Choose a Better Path Forward

When you take your next steps, you need to be sure it is the right path so you don’t end up back where you started. That means working with a vendor that has a reputation for high performance and stability to ensure your business is supported today and in the future, no matter how your needs change and grow. With feature-rich and mobile-first solutions to support your communications from end to end, Mitel is the only brand in five Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for business communications.

Find your best path with Mitel

Find a business communications system that fits your unique needs whenever, wherever. When Michael Johnson Performance’s Nortel system was left unsupported, the team quickly realized that, in order to stay competitive, they had to re-evaluate their needs and choose a system they could depend on.

“As we began looking for a partner to support our business needs, we didn’t really know what was out there. When we actually began to research the capabilities that Mitel could provide us, we were blown away.” – Michael Johnson Performance

Common Channel Partner Questions

  1. How will the changes in ownership affect my company?
    No changes should occur, and business should resume as normal.
  2. What is the legal name of the new organization?
    Mitel Networks Corporation
  3. Are the existing warranty agreements still valid? If so, for how long?
    Yes. Valid for the terms of contract.
  4. Will policies regarding how Mitel works with Toshiba channel partners change?
    No business as usual.
  5. When will the purchase process, training and fulfillment process be the same for Toshiba as it is for Mitel?
    Mitel will work to keep as much of the existing Toshiba online tools and process, where practical in the short-term. Once logistics and facility is fully integrated with Mitel, a single purchase, training and fulfillment process will be outlined. For additional questions, contact or call 469-574-8156.
  6. Will my company be required to seek any new training certifications?
    Only for any incremental products or services you may choose to commit too from the broader Mitel portfolio.
  7. Will I still be dealing with the same Toshiba representative?
    We will be confirming the Toshiba team members at closing as to who will be supporting you.
  8. Do you expect the demand for Toshiba solutions to increase or decrease now that it is part of Mitel?
    We expect the demand to increase especially with the Cloud given Mitel’s experience with more than 3 million cloud customers globally. The value add that Mitel can provide current Toshiba customers is the option to migrate the Toshiba installed base to the cloud, when ready.
  9. How much notice will we be given if Mitel decides to cancel our reseller agreement with Toshiba?
    Mitel is looking to add partners not dismiss them. However, if there were a circumstance where it was deemed an appropriate action, it would be with notice, as per the existing contract.