Cloud Communications Operating at a Higher Altitude

Cloud Communications Operating at a Higher Altitude

Mitel Owns Nearly 25% of the the Global Cloud Communications Market

One in four cloud communications business users in the world today is using a Mitel system, according to Synergy Research.*

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1.6 Million Users Globally Rely on Mitel's Cloud Communication Solution

Digging deeper, 34% of all enterprise users globally trust Mitel to power their business communications.

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Why are businesses continuing to choose Mitel for cloud communications?

Simple. We bring real-time communications features for voice, video and collaboration to desk phones, laptops and smartphones so your business can work faster and more productively.

Learn why 1.6 Million users rely on Mitel for their cloud communications.


Mitel Outpaces Competitors in Q2 to Lead in Global Cloud Communications

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While Microsoft and Google Fight for Cloud Dominance, The Clear Choice is Mitel

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Cloud communications is opening up possibilities and floor space. Does it make sense for you?

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“At Bancroft, our strategic goals are to become more agile, more affordable and more innovative. Mitel aligned with our company goals and has helped us unify our communications company-wide. Moving to the cloud allows us to see significant cost savings and be more agile,”
- Fina Nash, VP of Information Technology, Bancroft

More people rely on Mitel cloud solutions than any other provider

Source: Synergy Research Group Cloud Business Communication Market Share Report, Sept. 2015

*according to a new Synergy Research Group report* on Q2 2015