Mobile Enterprise 2020

The Seams Between Enterprise and Mobile Communications Are Dissolving

What kinds of new experiences will arise?

Mobile devices and enterprise communications have always lived in disconnected worlds, separated by incompatible technologies. But today, a common IP now underpins both ecosystems, paving the way for new experiences that experts are only beginning to imagine. See what they’re predicting in our latest ebook.

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Excerpts from our experts’ predictions:

“Whether the goal is to obtain an asset, use a service, or find a buyer, geographic and other contextual attributes play a huge role in the speed, cost, and quality of the response.”
Angela Russell-Rekika, IBM
“Mobile has huge implications on how businesses can increase the relationship they have with their customers, personalize and make it more intimate and close.”
Tsahi Levent-levi,
“Remove the distinctions between fixed and mobile networks, providing a superior experience to customers by creating seamless services.”
Marci Troutman, SiteMinis Inc.
“Remote workers will be the norm. Fewer workers will have permanent offices/cubicles as companies move to flexible workspaces that allow for hoteling.”
Blair Pleasant, Industry Analyst
“For collaboration to be effective, the applications need to be where the end users live.”
Jon Arnold, Analyst & Consultant
“Great technology is only great if it’s easy to use, simple to manage and affordable to deploy.”
Wes Durow, Mitel