Mitel and Sun Deliver on Global OEM Agreement

March 18, 2008

Mitel and Sun Deliver on Global OEM Agreement

Mitel and Sun Deliver on Global OEM Agreement

Unveil industry's first truly unified communications thin desktop, generating significant customer interest


Mitel and Sun have committed teams of resources to further develop the joint unified communications solutions and take them to market. Earlier this month Mitel announced the Q208 availability of the Mitel Communications Suite on the Sun Fire X4150, which introduces the ability to consolidate mission critical voice applications such as messaging, mobility, conferencing and Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 in the data room environment.

With the Sun Ray Unified IP Client, Mitel has taken the ultra thin client Sun Ray technology and created a slim module that snaps securely onto Mitel IP phones to create the industry’s first truly unified communications desktop. This allows users to securely “hot desk” into both the Mitel IP phones and the Sun Ray™ thin client terminals using a personal, authenticated Java Card.

The Sun Ray Unified IP Client provides voice and data services at any workstation on the network, dramatically reducing desktop cost and complexity while preserving the familiar, proven, telephone device. The simultaneous hot desking takes place within five seconds of the Java Card being inserted into the Sun thin client on any terminal within the network, providing the user with access to their desktop profile as well as advanced unified communications capabilities, such as mobility, unified messaging, video streaming, and presence information.

“The Sun Ray Unified IP Client delivers a secure unified computing and communications environment fully integrated into our world renowned Sun Ray solution, ” said Peter Ewens, Sun’s vice president of global OEM. “This combined solution is also among the industry’s most energy efficient, providing ongoing capex and opex savings through the elimination of power-hungry desktop PCs and the reduced energy consumption of low power Mitel IP phones.”

The Sun solutions Powered by Mitel have been designed to significantly reduce power consumption with a combined nine Watts required to power the Sun Ray Thin Client and Mitel IP phone compared with 80 Watt PC/60 Watt laptop and 10 Watt IP phones. Additional power savings are realized through the reduction of servers provided by the pre-integrated Mitel Communications Suite that incorporates the Mitel Communications Director call control software.

“With first releases around Sun Ray Unified IP Client, NuPoint Messenger IP, and Mitel Communications Suite, Sun and Mitel are introducing a whole new era in voice and data communications,” said Stephen Beamish, Mitel’s vice president of Business Development and Strategic Alliances. “These Sun, ‘Powered by Mitel’ solutions make it even easier for businesses to enjoy the many advantages of unified communications to address the emerging needs of distributed, flexible, mobile work environments. These solutions are the first deliverables in a relationship with Sun where the industry can expect more to come in the next several months.”

Food services giant Deli XL ( with approximately 2,000 employees in 30 locations throughout The Netherlands and Belgium, has migrated away from an Ericsson voice communications platform to the Sun Ray Thin Client and Mitel Communications Suite IP applications architecture. 

“We selected the joint Mitel-Sun solution based on the flexibility it provides to optimize our customer contact center operations, increased customer data security delivered by the Sun platform, and the reduced power consumption of the combined computing and telephony platforms,” said Martin Pluijgers, manager IT Support, Deli XL. “With this solution we have a future proof customer contact solution that will ensure our continued market leadership in the highly competitive foodservice market.”

Foundation for Enhanced Unified Communications

  • Mitel Communications Suite – A pre-integrated unified communications solution that allows Mitel’s flagship Communications Director call control software to reside on Sun servers and  consolidate applications such as Mitel NuPoint Messenger™ IP, Mitel Live Business Gateway, Mitel Teleworker Solution, Mitel Mobile Extension, and Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing all on a single server for simplified, cost effective deployment of unified communications solutions.
  • Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions – Mitel has configured its award winning Contact Center Solution integration into the Sun Ray Unified IP Client. Users in a contact center environment can log on as an ACD agent and retain all the same features and functionalities associated with a Mitel Contact Center ACD Agent. Mitel’s Customer Interaction Solutions are a Windows-based application that also allows for full Office Communications Server 2007 integration.
  • Mitel Mobile Extension – Mitel’s Mobile Extension software allows for multiple devices to simultaneously ring thus ensuring that the user receives the majority of phone calls. The user has the ability to provide customers, colleagues, suppliers, and partners, one contact number which ensures that both the contact number provided and the user’s associated mobile phone ring simultaneously. Additionally the user has the ability to transfer the call seamlessly to any hot desk Sun Ray Unified IP Client thus eliminating any additional mobile phone charge and also allowing the user to access the rich features associated with the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP).
  • Mitel Teleworker Solution – Mitel Teleworker Solution integrates the Sun Ray Unified IP Client with a Mitel IP phone as a teleworker for secure access to corporate information. Both the Teleworker Solution and Sun Ray devices are in effect thin clients allowing zero security threat from intruders.
  • Mitel NuPoint Messenger™ IP Release 12 – Part of Mitel Communications Suite of applications that integrates with the Sun Ray IP thin client, NuPoint Messenger IP Release 12 provides Speech Auto Attendant with Text-to-Speech playback of called party names and provides the presence infrastructure for open standards interface to commercial presence servers. The Speech Auto Attendant is the first application within the NuPoint Messenger IP product family to be presence-enabled with portions of NuPoint such as Call Director to follow in future releases. 

Founded in 1988, The Telephone Connection of Los Angeles, Inc. (TTC) provides enhanced services such as follow-me, conference calling, and virtual automated attendant and voice mail service catering primarily to the medical community in Southern California.

“There are some very compelling benefits to the solution Sun and Mitel are bringing to market given the nature of the services we provide to the medical community,” said Marc O’Krent, president, The Telephone Connection of Los Angeles, Inc. “As thin clients allowing zero security threat from intruders, the Sun Ray Unified IP thin client married with a Mitel Teleworker Solution using Secure Real Time Protocol rather than VPN connectivity provides much stronger security for each individual user accessing private medical information. We think this partnership between Mitel and Sun Microsystems will continue to deliver innovative solutions like the Unified IP client that will benefit companies such as ours for a long time.”

Mitel Exclusive Business Partner Firstline Communications ( is deploying the solution in-house to all of its employees. They will be running call control on Mitel Communications Suite and using the Sun Ray Unified IP Client with hot desking and Mobile Extension. They are running Windows OS and will continue to benefit from Office Communications Server 2007 integration with Mitel.

“Our focus continues to be to help enterprises with fewer than 2,500 users to migrate into a IP environment,” said Tim Maio, president, Firstline Communications Inc. “Mitel and Sun are making it even easier for businesses to enjoy the many advantages of IP communications by reducing the complexity, cost, and management of their voice environment by running Mitel call control and applications on a single Sun server and managing computing and telephony as one unified communications solution.”

The SunRay Unified IP Client from Mitel as well as the Mitel Communications Suite on Sun servers will be sold directly to enterprise accounts by Sun and Mitel and will be taken to the general business market through select Sun and Mitel channel partners supported by Sun and select Sun channel partners.

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