Quirk Auto Drives Up Customer Satisfaction with Mitel Unified Communications

March 03, 2008

Quirk Auto Drives Up Customer Satisfaction with Mitel Unified Communications

Quirk Auto Drives Up Customer Satisfaction with Mitel Unified Communications

Multi-outlet automotive dealership in Massachusetts deploys new communications system, realizing immediate benefits

Quirk Auto Dealers

Until recently, Quirk had been using more than 600 Centrex lines to connect its dealerships located throughout the state; a costly monthly hit to its bottom line. Needing a more efficient and cost-effective way to care for customers and handle calls, Quirk Motors began researching an alternative that would meet its customer service needs and cost reduction goals.

“Our biggest concern was to lower our dropped call rate and make our phone system more customer friendly,” said Dave Thomas, IT administrator, Quirk Motors. “But we were also concerned about total cost of ownership.”

Thomas called in Mitel authorizedPARTNER Metropolitan Telephone Company (MTC). MTC quickly responded and evaluated Quirk’s needs, recommending a highly resilient Mitel solution to connect the multi-site operation, which receives and initiates a high volume of calls to and from customers, parts suppliers, partners, its various outlets, and its sales team.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
Whether an independent sales lot or a multi-outlet, high-volume franchise, dealer profitability is directly related to the customer service it provides. Thomas knew that his old Centrex system had severe limitations that were impacting his outlet’s ability to maintain good customer relations and ensure repeat business.

“In some cases, with our Centrex lines, a call to one line would be forwarded to two or three other lines before reaching its destination. We were paying for three lines to make one call.”

Now, a call to the parts department rings simultaneously to all of the phones in that department, increasing the likelihood that the call gets answered promptly. And now four-digit dialing capability lets employees quickly transfer callers throughout the dealership—or even between dealerships.

“Providing Quirk with a product that would boost customer satisfaction was our top priority,” said Ray Cord, sales manager, Metropolitan Telephone Company. “The Mitel solution allowed us to satisfy all of Quirk’s needs while ensuring we brought them simplicity and a user-friendly product.”

Total Cost of Ownership
MTC designed an MPLS network for Quirk and installed the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) at 13 dealerships. The 3300 ICP provides enterprise-class communications capability and a variety of convenient call-related applications including Mitel NuPoint Messenger™ IP to relay, store, and retrieve voice mail, and Mitel Enterprise Manager for ease of management and administration. In addition, Quirk deployed Mitel IP phones in its service and parts departments as well as its sales managers’ offices. To reduce costs, Quirk re-used its analog phones for its sales staff. Quirk has recently expanded with the purchase of a Chevrolet, Buick, and Hummer dealership in New Hampshire at which they plan to upgrade the communications system to the 3300 ICP to provide seamless integration.

“The Mitel solution has greatly simplified the managing of our communications system,” said Thomas. “With Enterprise Manager, I am now able to add voice mailboxes, change passwords, move extensions, call forward lines, and perform a host of other administrative tasks— all from my desktop. I also love the fact that we were able to use some of our old technology on a brand new system. On top of our savings on equipment, our phone bill has dropped to about a third of what it used to be, so the new system paid for itself in no time.” 

About Quirk Auto Dealers
Quirk Motors is a family-run business that has sold and serviced automobiles in the State of Massachusetts for more than 30 years. The company employs some 400 people today and operates 15 dealerships throughout Massachusetts. For more information, visit www.quirkcars.com.

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