Case Study: AIPA SpA

Customer Profile

  • Active in the public administration market

  • Servicing approximately 50 local public administration offices

  • Coverage of 7,000,000 habitants



  • Single national customer service toll free number
  • Call routing to the nearest agency


  • NeXspan® L upgraded to Aastra 5000 XD
  • 2 Aastra 5000 AXS12 and 1 Aastra 5000 AXS
  • Aastra ACP Contact Centre



AIPA SpA is a nation-wide company acting as an agent of municipal and provincial governments. It supplies local governments with services such as control and collection of a number of local taxes: advertisement rights, bill posting rights, public area usage tax, garbage collection tax and local property tax. AIPA SpA is also active in the public administration market providing management of municipal parking lots, management of way code penalties, carrying out the census of public territory, building areas, private and public real estate, and management of advertisements and publicity of public areas. AIPA required a solution to offer citizens a single Customer Service Number in all the municipalities where AIPA has a contract. Calls incoming from more than 7,000,000 people needed to be routed to the nearest agency (more than 40 agents available).

The AIPA infrastructure built on 2 NeXspan® L systems with IP networking serving approximately 200 extensions at their Milan offices was upgraded to Aastra 5000 XD to guarantee a high availability system. The network was improved thanks to two new Aastra 5000 AXS12 PBX to serve Castellanza and Bergamo offices and one Aastra 5000 AXS PBX at the Cagliari agency. In addition to the communication infrastructure, an ACP solution for the contact centre, managing up to 40 agents, was deployed at Milan premises. The ACP analyses the prefix of every incoming call and, thanks to a scripting routine, routes it to the available agent located closest to the caller.

Solution implemented by Telecom Italia.