Case Study: BMI Health

Handling complex medical calls from across all the UK is a difficult task. Even more so when you have the customer service standards that BMI Health does. So when it came to move their primary contact centre to new facilities, they saw an opportunity to upgrade to a new system with expanded capabilities—one that would live up to their high expectations and help them serve more callers to a higher standard of care.

At A Glance


  • 60 medically trained agents
  • Taking nationwide calls for a variety of groups and specialties
  • Substandard communication system
  • No call recording capabilities
  • High customer service standards
  • Rigorous accuracy standards


  • MiVoice communication system on a Mitel 3300 controller
  • MiContact Center Quality Management


  • Improved customer service
  • New training and coaching opportunities
  • More user-friendly, efficient management toolset
  • Handle increased call volume
  • Simple setup


BMI Healthcare is the acute private hospital division of General Healthcare Group (GHG) and is the largest independent private healthcare provider in the UK. It is committed to providing a consistent, high quality service to local communities.
BMI Healthcare has acute care private patient hospitals and outpatient centres with more than 2,700 beds in more than 60 locations around the country. Handling over 250,000 inpatient and one million outpatient visits each year, nearly half of the procedures undertaken for private patients are of a major or complex nature.


In order to provide patients with the highest quality care and service, BMI maintains a professional contact centre known as the National Enquiry Centre (NEC). The BMI NEC is effectively the nucleus for national enquiries and initial contact to BMI’s hospitals across Britain. All non-geographic and website enquiries are directed to the NEC.

The facility has a staff of 60 fully medical trained professionals that includes doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other personnel who provide callers with well-informed medical advice. Utilising 265 DDIs, the NEC takes calls for the General Practitioner Hotline, National Sales, BUPA Hotline and regional enquiries on physiotherapy and health.

BMI realised the NEC’s existing communications solutions didn’t allow the organisation to serve callers to the standard of excellence they wanted to. When the NEC moved facilities, BMI decided that to implement a new telecommunications system with call recording and additional reporting functionality to meet their high customer service standards.


For the NEC, BMI chose a MiVoice communication platform with Mitel 3300 controller and with contact centre management tools to provide reporting and call information.

When it came to choosing a recording solution, MiContact Center Quality Management was the clear choice due to robust functionality and tight product integrations.

Adding the MiContact Center Quality Management solution into the overall MiContact Center system was simple, according to GHG senior voice engineer Russell Parr. He simply built the server and then loaded the software and administration functionality to enable the various management functions and permissions of the system.

“The previous solution did not meet our stringent requirements, and the total Mitel solution does that job very well.”

Austin Dalgarno, Team Leader


“The previous solution did not meet our stringent requirements, and the total Mitel solution does that job very well,” said Austin Dalgarno, BMI team leader.

MiContact Center Quality Management’s highly intuitive and user-friendly interface has made it an instant success for the NEC. The team appreciates the look and feel, its ease of use and the fact that the recording of all calls allows immediate access to help coach and train staff.

Since implementing MiContact Center Quality Management, call quality has improved. Managers make extensive use of its ability to pick up and identify where staff has added benefit to calls, which has led to organic growth—a fantastic benefit in a sluggish economy.

When asked if MiContact Center Quality Management had provided benefits to the organisation beyond what was expected, BMI team leader Lorraine Morrison said, “Absolutely. The ability to vet the call length, filter by agent, etc. Looking at account codes and restricting the view to specific teams I can see the longest calls and then listen to them. The management tool is very easy to read. It is presented in a format that is a lot better than the previous solution.”

“MiContact Center Quality Mangement allows us to easily provide coaching and training. The advisor agent can listen to the calls, enabling both the agent and supervisors to discuss what they hear by way of tone, intonation, etc., which is invaluable when giving feedback and coaching. The results are an ever-improving contact centre.”

You can’t overstate the benefits MiContact Center Quality Management has brought to BMI. Improving contact centre performance across the NEC’s agents has enabled the organisation to better address callers’ medical needs and efficiently answer their inquiries.