Case Study: Château de Bonmont

Customer Profile

  • Hotel and golf club on the banks of Lake Geneva
  • 50 employees


  • Staff needs to be reached anywhere on the extensive premises
  • The terminals need to be simple to use
  • Efficient customer service


  • Aastra OpenCom® 1000
  • Auto Attendant with voice routing
  • Built-in voice mail

Château de Bonmont is a stately home with its own golf club located in the heart of an enchanting green setting directly on the banks of Lake Geneva. There are six buildings on the premises, including a hotel with eight suites and a restaurant, three tennis courts, a gym and several swimming pools, plus stables housing 25 horses. There is also an 18-hole golf course (over 6,737 yards with a par of 71) and even a monastery. Some 50 employees cater to the daily needs of the hotel guests and club members.

The demands of the golf club on the communications system have grown considerably in recent years. Not only had the old telephone system aged, but it was no longer able to provide complete communications coverage. The management had clear expectations: “People should be able to contact us – any time they want. It’s not just that our grounds are so big,” says Philippe von Escher, General Manager of the club, “but we also have two reception desks and 50 employees working in six buildings, as well as the rest of the premises. Being able to take and make phone calls at any time is essential for many of these staff members – and that means anywhere on our grounds. What’s more, the handsets need to be simple to use and have simple programming.”

“Aastra’s OpenCom system meets all our requirements with respect to a modern communications system and achieves everything we want it to.”

Philippe von Escher
General Manager
Hotel & Golf Château de Bonmont SA

The management’s key requirements were those of optimal availability by using mobile terminals and straightforward handling of the system. Used in conjunction with the OpenAttendant application, Aastra’s OpenCom® 1000 system resulted in an ideal solution for the customer. Not only does the DECT solution greatly simplify work for staff, but the new OpenCom® 1000 system Aastra has provided also features an Auto Attendant that filters calls using automated push-button dialing, thereby putting clients through to the person to whom they wish to speak in a more efficient way.


Key Benefits

  • The AAT system takes care of call filtering for the reception staff
  • System can be adapted flexibly to seasonal fluctuations and demand
  • The aerials in Aastra’s OpenCom® system each have 8 channels, whereas the old system only had 4
  • The reception bell and alarm signals are displayed on fixed and mobile terminals
  • Network integration is now possible in order to manage the telephone directory and other settings