Case Study: Exclusive Cars

Swedish company selling and leasing foreign motor vehicles.


  • Strong mobility support
  • Better control of mobile-phone costs


  • Mitel BusinessPhone 8.1 with Mobile Extension
  • Mitel BusinessPhone Unified Messaging voice mail



Exclusive Cars is a small Swedish company engaged in importing US, European and Japanese SUVs, trucks, sports cars, MPVs and passenger cars for sale or lease – an unusual range of vehicles in Sweden. The company is based in Stockholm and deals in-house with engineering and refurbishment aspects. Its employees have a passion for cars and a personal interest in selling them.

Most of its employees are often on the move, so a mobile solution stood at the top of the list when Exclusive Cars began to look for a new, modern telephone system. Previously, the client had a traditional system with DECT functionality, which did not meet all its employees’ individual needs regarding mobility. Those employees who frequently worked outside the office had cell phones, which were expensive to use and were not supported by the company’s telephony system.

When Mitel presented its solution to the staff – BusinessPhone 8.1 with Mobile Extension providing integrated mobile phones for most of its employees – the client did not need much more persuading to make the purchase. The solution included menu options, call queuing and voice mail with unified messaging; that is, a voice mail comes to the user in the form of an e-mail with an attached voice recording. The installation went quickly and smoothly, and using the system was also easy to learn.

“BusinessPhone 8.1 with integrated mobile phones makes it possible for us to be reached at any time and provide good customer service no matter where we are.”

Håkan Andersson, Sales Manager
Exclusive Cars