Case Study: PanOrion

PanOrion selected Aastra’s line of SIP phones and equipment to streamline ordering, provisioning and delivery of its Hosted and Premise-based IP communication services.

Customer Profile

The Challenge

  • PanOrion, a hosted IP service provider, needed to streamline their operations by standardizing on a single line of SIP phones


  • Aastra’s complete line of SIP phones
  • AastraLink Pro™160

PanOrion is an Ontario based IP service provider that enables new entrants or existing telecom service providers to develop new revenue streams by delivering branded IP communication services. With a growing network of dealers across North America, logistics were starting to become a problem.

Too Many Products

PanOrion was, through trial and error, trying to find the right SIP telephones and equipment that could best take advantage of the investment PanOrion had made in their infrastructure to deliver quality voice communications.
“We initially provided every brand and model of SIP phone to our dealers to be included in their service offering and it was starting to take a toll on our resources” said Roy Bradshaw, CEO of PanOrion.

Having to troubleshoot and learn the quirks of each brand was time consuming and inefficient. PanOrion was looking for a simple and complete solution to their operational inefficiencies. With a growing and varied network of dealers it was becoming increasingly difficult to find the right products for everyone. Some of PanOrion’s dealers were servicing small storefront businesses who wanted
a simple and inexpensive solution, while others were servicing large enterprise companies with offices across North America, which required feature-rich SIP telephones and equipment to replace their antiquated PBX systems.

“We wanted to simplify our solutions with a single line of quality SIP products but were not prepared to compromise on our mandate to deliver a quality voice service. We weren’t sure who could fit the bill,” said Mr. Bradshaw.

A One-stop Shop

Aastra was the only company that was able to offer the full range of products to meet the varied needs of the PanOrion family of dealers. Not only did they have the products to fit the bill, the service that came with it was important too. From day one as an Aastra reseller, it was clear to Mr. Bradshaw the commitment Aastra had to their reseller community. “Sometimes when you become a new reseller, processes can be a challenge. I was pleasantly surprised one day when I called Aastra to ask a few questions and they invited me to come down to their headquarters and speak with them directly”.

Such commitment to quality and to their reseller network was the icing on the cake. PanOrion immediately started to reduce their line of telephone offerings to focus more on Aastra products. Narrowing their product line helped PanOrion streamline operations and provided their dealer network with a better product offering.

“Every company had quality products to offer, but Aastra was the only one who had the breadth of products, quality and price that made sense for us. They were the complete package we were looking for.”

Roy Bradshaw, CEO

Key Features

  • One-stop shopping. A complete line of SIP telephones suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  • A quality line of products that PanOrion and their dealer network can trust.
  • Simplified operations through a streamlined product offering.

A Quality Name

Focusing on a recognized brand of SIP telephones
and equipment produced an additional bonus for PanOrion. Because PanOrion enables its dealers to offer IP Communication services under their own brand, associating their service with a recognized brand of equipment helps dealers better position their service offerings. “Aastra products bolster PanOrion’s credibility with our dealers, because it is a well known name that is trusted in the telecom community, “ said Mr. Bradshaw.

“Besides, some of the dealers in our network are already Aastra resellers. This makes our operations even easier.”

About Aastra

Aastra is a leading global supplier of carrier-grade IP phones designed, developed and manufactured based on open standards to meet the demanding requirements of small/medium business, enterprise and government customers. Building on a long tradition of combining durable phones with intuitive designs, Aastra’s IP phone portfolio offers customers flexibility and choice while delivering the performance, quality and value that business demands.

Business in a Box

PanOrion Corporation is an IP Service Provider that provides turn-key business systems and value-add services which enable dealers to offer and deliver Hosted and Premise-based IP communications to the small, medium and large business enterprise and under their own brand.

Low Costs -  High Margins

PanOrion’s turn-key business platform includes front and back-office systems (Web Site Template, Shopping Cart, Billing and
IP PBX systems) and support materials for products, services and marketing.

For further information, please contact PanOrion Corporation 647-288-1993