Case Study: Premium Choice Ltd.

Consistency and reliability issues with call recording plagued UK-based insurance provider Premium Choice. For some businesses, this would simply be a profitability problem. But, with the FSA’s call recording mandates, it had become a potential compliance problem. Wanting to both maintain FSA compliance and deliver the best customer experience possible, Premium Choice turned to Mitel for new contact centre call recording and quality management solutions.

At A Glance


  • Financial Services Authority call recording mandates
  • Consistency and reliability problems with call recording solution
  • Multiple agents dealing with a single call
  • Staff without permanent seats
  • Long call times


  • Mitel MiVoice Call Recording & MiContact Center Quality Management


  • Ease of sharing calls internally and externally
  • User-friendly reporting capabilities
  • Simple supervisor access to calls
  • Uncovered previously undiscovered opportunities to enhance agent efficiency


Premium Choice is a specialist motor insurance broker located in Birmingham. The company provides insurance coverage at reasonable premiums to individuals who may have trouble obtaining motor insurance in the general market, such as young drivers, drivers with infractions or drivers of modified or high performance vehicles. Premium Choice strives to provide customers with a genuine choice of quality, affordable motor insurance, backed up by first class customer service at all times.


Premium Choice was facing several business challenges with their telephone-based communications. First, as a financial services company, the UK’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) mandates all its telephone calls be recorded. Unfortunately, Premium Choice’s prior recording solution was not totally in synch with their communications platform—leading to consistency and reliability problems with their call recording.

Other challenges included:

  • Part-time staff without permanently assigned seats
  • Long call times
  • Multiple agents dealing with a single call

Premium Choice needed a solution that could record the call as a single item, log its duration in segments and note which agents were involved with the call at each point. They turned to Mitel for help.


After careful analysis of their systems, requirements and integrations, Premium Choice settled on MiVoice Call Recording and Quality Management.

“Very early on we highlighted a procedural issue. We realized that some agents would momentarily take a call and then drop it back into the queue, thereby giving themselves a short break,” said Rupert Gladstone.

“Without doubt Mitel’s Call Recording and Quality Management solution has solved the business challenges we were facing,” said Gladstone, Premium Choice’s Head of Information Technology. “This was achieved by ground level integration with the telephone system, obtaining information and understanding where a call has travelled, together with setting groups and permissions allowing management to track calls and implement training with reporting tools. It is an excellent fit.”

Key benefits realized include:

  • Ease of sharing calls both internally and externally
  • Accessibility of calls by supervisors without the need to involve IT staff
  • The graphical display showing what agents touched the call at each point, providing easy traffic review and extensive call information at a glance.


Premium Choice is very satisfied with the ways in which MiVoice Call Recording has benefitted their operations, from the consistency and reliability of their call recording to the level of tracking and reporting they now have available.

“It does what it says it would do,” Gladstone said. “It is strikingly easy to use, whilst the ability to see at a glance who has touched the call is fantastic.”