Case Study: Robinson Legal

Sydney based law firm specialising in commercial law, property and commercial litigation


  • Replacing an existing system as the rental agreement was going to expire
  • Rental, line and call charges were costing more than AUS $36,000 annually yet the phones were only being used to take, make and transfer calls. There were also a growing of ‘hidden’ call costs from mobile devices used by staff, which incurred high carrier charges. These mobile devices were not integrated with the firm’s office phones


  • Mitel MiVoice A400
  • 30 Mitel 6739i SIP telephones
  • Voice mail
  • 8 mobile extensions
  • 8 Mitel Mobile Clients
  • 14 Outlook Connectors

Robinson Legal needed a communications system that could promote collaboration and ensure its office resources were available inside or outside the office. The law firm reviewed various systems to replace its analogue phones. Offerings from the larger providers were found to be highly expensive for smaller size firms, while carriers simply forwarded brochures without any follow through. The business case for the Mitel A400 was compelling. It offered an all-in-one unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solution that seamlessly integrated communication servers, terminals, software and mobility solutions and applications.

The changeover was completed over a weekend. Mitel’s flexibility enabled the solution to be tailored to integrate with an existing SoftLog billing and mobile phones using just one number. The deployment included 30 highly intuitive Mitel 6739i 9-line SIP telephones featuring color touch screen display and softkeys, HD sound, dedicated LED indicators and built-in Bluetooth. The 6739i also features multiple headset connection options, and extensive call management capabilities.

The embedded UCC applications in the Mitel A400 proved a key benefit. They include integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and email notification of voicemail messages that promote strong customer and colleague responsiveness. Least cost routing available with the Mitel Mobile Client application greatly reduces telephone charges, particularly with overseas and interstate calls – an important feature for the firm whose managing partner and senior consultant spend up to four months per year working away. With Mitel A400, remote workers’ calls are routed over the company’s IP network for further savings, while benefiting from the same level of efficiency and functionality as those who are office-based.

“Mitel is different. It understands the needs of the smaller firm whose communications dollar has to work hard now and over the longer term. Its representatives provided us with a demonstration of the Mitel A400 and its capabilities which impressed.”

Dominique Robinson
Managing Partner

Key Benefits

  • Significant savings in call costs, monthly line charges, mobile and text use costs with significant room for growth
  • ROI of around 6 months
  • Strong networking capabilities allowing senior partners to work from 2 other sites
  • Single office today with senior partners using SIP telephones from two remote locations