Case Study: Slater & Gordon Lawyers

The expansive law firm Slater & Gordon was being hamstrung by communication technology that couldn’t keep up with their most basic needs, much less their grand ambitions. So they set out to find a feature-rich system capable of meeting all their recording needs including becoming more efficient and strengthening client relationships.

At A Glance:


  • Legacy system with very limited functionality
  • Access issues around call retrieval and playback
  • Difficulty using calls for training and development
  • Technology created daily barriers to efficiency
  • Desire to better manage client relationships, improve collaboration and boost marketing effectiveness


  • MiVoice Call Recording and Quality Management


  • Enhanced customer service and quality control
  • Efficient call access and identification
  • Expanded services and enriched marketing value
  • Improved productivity and employee satisfaction


Slater & Gordon Lawyers is a law firm with 18 offices across the UK, over 1450 employees, and over 85 years of experience specializing in exceptional, affordable legal services for individuals, membership organizations and affinity groups.


Slater & Gordon Lawyers’ Manchester-based contact centre needed a way to proactively utilise information gathered from its phone-based interactions. They pride themselves on results and performance measurement, and required a quality monitoring system that would provide easy access to calls for agent training and development purposes.

The call recording solution Slater & Gordon Lawyers previously had in place was a single-user interface system with shared access between users. Team leaders didn’t have independent access to the system and it didn’t offer identifying fields, which made call recording retrieval and playback difficult. Coaching using historic calls was practically impossible due to the functionality limitations of the system. In addition, archiving calls to disc was a very laborious task.

Slater & Gordon Lawyers sought a call recording and quality assurance system that would better complement the firm’s procedures, communication and response practices to enable more effective management of client relationships and improve team collaboration.

Slater & Gordon Lawyers turned to HighSpan Networks for suggestions on their call recording system options. HighSpan Networks provided several options.


Andrea Murphy, Slater & Gordon Lawyers’ contact centre manager, researched and evaluated the top contenders, determining Mitel’s to be the most elegant recorder she assessed.

Mitel has empowered the company’s contact centre agents—giving them workforce autonomy by allowing them to search for their own calls, add notes to call, and share good experiences.

Now agents have the ability to share calls, learn from each other and engage in self-development. New employees are benefiting from Mitel’s system as a training tool—listening to historic calls to and building their confidence.

Using the playback feature has also improved agent accountability.

“If you miss something from a call, you can easily go back and listen to it,” according to Jessica Milne, a Slater & Gordon Lawyers contact centre agent. “As an agent, I’ve been empowered to access my own call recordings. This is something I didn’t have before, and it has greatly enhanced my role.”

Team leaders enjoy the ease of use and access of the agent evaluation feature, which helps them evaluate, coach and provide on-going development for their teams. Training through monitoring and feedback allows a cooperative approach between advisors and team leaders. Agent evaluation feedback is now an integral part of coaching and monthly review sessions.

“As an agent, I’ve been empowered to access my own call recordings. This is something I didn’t have before, and it has greatly enhanced my role.”

Jessica Milne,
Contact Centre Agent


Key Benefit #1: Enhanced Customer Service

Slater & Gordon Lawyers can now locate an historic call very quickly to verify details, identify inconsistencies and find critical information. Swift contact is key for the firm to secure clients.

Key Benefit #2: Expanded Services and Improved Productivity

Slater & Gordon Lawyers started a new program offering legal work experience to local undergraduate law students in exchange for helping legal advisors research the latest legislation/law changes. Made possible with Mitel’s system, this process has improved team efficiency, allowing the legal advisors to manage more calls and the students to acquire research work experience. The highly regarded scheme has been recognized in the wider organization and by external institutions, which has raised the profile of the firm.

Key Benefit #3: Enriched Marketing Value

Slater & Gordon Lawyers have realized additional benefits of the MiVoice Call Recording and Quality Management like its robust reporting functionality.

“We run many marketing campaigns, and by using Mitel’s Call Recording and Quality Management solution we can report on any of the campaign numbers and have outcomes for every call,” said Murphy. “The agents select an outcome during the call, which can then be reported on instantly.

The reporting feature is an excellent marketing support tool, it gives instant visibility to how successful campaigns are progressing.”

Slater & Gordon Lawyers have realized improvements in quality control, productivity, customer service, employee satisfaction and marketing value with the implementation of the MiContact Center Quality Management solution.

According to Murphy, “Having the whole system in place is like pulling a curtain back on the contact centre. The Mitel system has achieved all and more than expected, and our entire team has embraced the system.”