Case Study: UFRGS

Customer Profile

  •  Large university with national and international recognition
  •  Three university campuses distributed on nine sites


  • Reduce communications costs between campuses
  • To have just one system serving all telecom needs
  • Remote site integration and centralize management
  • IP telephony platform migration
  • System ready for unified communications


  • Migration of the existing MD110 system to Mitel MX-ONE®
  • Smooth evolution to Voice over IP and SIP terminals implementation in order to preserve investment

Located in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), is a centenary institution, recognized both nationally and internationally. It offers courses in all knowledge areas and at all levels, from elementary school to post-graduate.

Approximately 30 thousand people circulate daily through its buildings, looking to achieve one of the highest levels of qualified education in the country. This, combined with the University’s internationally recognized research and development areas, provide the community with a diversity of activities, making UGRGS reach high levels of evaluation.

The UGRGS’s telecom system supports all communications needs for three university campuses distributed on nine sites, serving all university departments. Being a large University, spread throughout several locations, UFRGS needed a corporate communication solution to integrate all its sites, reduce communications costs, provide collaboration and be prepared for fixed-mobile integration and unified communication. Mitel MX-ONE® fulfilled all these needs and proved to be the best choice in the market.

“The migration was done with simplicity and in a single system. We took the advantage of most of the equipment we had, like gateways, terminals, etc, and got the most advanced IP telephony system available. We are ready to implement UC that will allow us to have chat, presence and video in a MX-ONE extension, all of that with big simplicity. The decision to buy Mitel MX-ONE was the right one, and proved to be the most costeffective.”

Ricardo Pufal, Telcom Manager

Key Benefits

  • Nine remote sites integrated under a single system
  • Full benefits obtained from the maintenance and technical teams’ pre-existing knowhow
  • Investment protection
  • Mobility and fixed-mobile integration thanks to the evolution to IP telephony
  • Telecom cost reductions