Case Study: Welch Dental

Not many people know that it can take nearly 800-1,000 calls a day to help people keep their teeth white and straight. But Welch Dental Group knows these challenges all to well. They were working with high call volumes and inevitable customer complaints—which they had not way of tracking or verifying. This wasn’t good enough for Dr. Gary Welch, who set out to find a new communication system to give him the capabilities and insight his practice needed.

At A Glance


  • 18,000 active patients
  • High call volumes
  • Limited anecdotal reporting ability
  • Disputes causes unverifiable
  • Commitment to excellent care


  • MiVoice Call Recording
  • MiContact Center Quality Management


  • Improved dispute resolution
  • Assurance about agents meeting customer care standards
  • Better communications within employees of the practice
  • Time and cost savings
  • Reduction in overbooking, cancellations and free time between patient appointments
  • Streamlined office operations
  • Improved reporting and call volume visibility


The Welch Dental Group, a general dentistry practice located in Katy, Texas, provides a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment for all their patients, offering preventive, cosmetic and restorative dentistry services. Dr. Gary Welch, DDS, owns and oversees the Welch Dental Group, which includes a staff of 35 employees, including four full-time dentists, and more than 18,000 active patients.


Given their extensive patient base, Welch Dental Group regularly handles a high call volume and needed
a solution to help manage and keep track of their customer interactions. The Welch Dental Group reached out to Mitel.

“My practice administrator tells me there are nearly 800 calls on a slow day and more than 1,000 on a busy day,” Dr. Welch explained.

Attaining greater insight into those calls drove Dr. Welch’s interest in call recording and voice documentation—specifically how those capabilities could help his practice better address customer service and dispute resolution concerns.

“With that many patients, we try our best and bend over backwards to please them, but we can’t please everybody,” Dr. Welch said. “We can have three or four disgruntled patients in a given week. Usually it’s a dispute over an appointment that they made or confirmed, or they’ll say the person on the phone was rude to them or what have you. When that happened, we had no way of knowing what the truth was.”


To resolve those issues, Mitel recommended the MiVoice Call Recording—which enabled office personnel to store, search, play back, annotate and share their phone-based interactions.

With the expansion of his practice, it became advantageous for Dr. Welch to migrate to MiContact Center Quality Management. Deployed via a built-to-order server base system, the solution was a better fit to handle the number of lines coming into the office. It provided the same voice documentation functionality as MiVoice Call Recording, along with formal contact center management capabilities, such as live monitoring, coaching, quality evaluations and reporting.


Dr. Welch and his staff have found both MiVoice Call Recording and MiContact Center Quality Management to be effective tools for handling disputes and disagreements appropriately.

“We were tired of getting complaints and nobody being held accountable for them in terms of our employees,” explained Dr. Welch. We can’t control the patients but we can control our people.”

“We wanted to know, number one, were our employees being rude? Number two, we wanted to know what the truth of the matter was. It’s interesting what people will tell you and then, when you listen to the conversation, it’s completely different,” said Dr. Welch. “This system helps us to know if people have a legitimate complaint. It’s been very helpful.”

“This system helps us to know if people have a legitimate complaint. It’s been very helpful.”

Dr. Welch, DDS Welch Dental Group

The deployment of MiVoice Call Recording technology in his office has made Dr. Welch feel confident and reassured in the ability of his staff to deliver superior patient care.

“It’s been a big help in terms of actually being able to listen to these conversations,” Dr. Welch said. “It put me at ease about our employees’ attitudes and our employees’ conduct in communication with our patients.”

Barbara Ames, practice administrator for the Welch Dental Group, feels that Mitel’s solutions have strengthened the quality of overall communications within their office.

“I think a lot of the benefit we see is in making sure you have the right information,” said Ames. “Communication is a two-way street. You have the message sent and the message received, and they’re not always the same. [MiContact Center Quality Management] lets us look at issues with an open mind when we listen to conversations.”

Communication between Dr. Welch’s practice and the specialists to whom they refer patients has been significantly enhanced with MiContact Center Quality Management.

“It’s a great thing to be able to relay everything about the patient’s condition completely and all at once,” Ames said.

Office staff often deals with the costly, time-consuming task of making reminder calls to patients. Overbooking, cancellations, free time between patient appointments and inadequate patient management are just some of the potential difficulties that can be encountered during this process. Ames has found MiContact Center Quality Management to be especially helpful in this area.

“We also use it for confirmation purposes. We’ll have patients say they called in to confirm an appointment when they haven’t, that sort of thing.”

Mitel’s business communication solutions have had a tremendously positive effect on overall operations at the Welch Dental Group—so much so that they enthusiastically advocate their use within other businesses.

“I love it. I love this solution,” Ames said. “I recommend it to anyone that is looking to enhance their office, their practice, their corporation. Large business, small business, I would highly recommend it.”