SalusCare Leverages Mitel’s Lync Advantage, Improves Customer Experience

When SalusCare evaluated contact centers to expand its customer service options, it sought solutions that integrated with Microsoft Lync. The not-for-profit mental health and substance abuse service provider runs its business on the Microsoft IT platform across its seven locations throughout Southwest Florida. Finding a contact center that leveraged Lync to work seamlessly with its IT platform was a determining factor.

“We looked at a number of contact center solutions and while some offered limited integration with Lync, Mitel really stood out with a solution that embraced our Lync solution and provided advanced features to further improve our customer service,” said Shawn Evans, IT Manager at SalusCare.

SalusCare implemented MiContact Center in 2013 to bring all inbound and outbound calls and customer service applications onto a single platform with tight Microsoft Lync integration. In fact, MiContact Center is built natively on Microsoft Lync Server call control software and Lync desktop client to provide the most seamless solution for the contact center.

SalusCare is one of the first businesses to take advantage of new Lync enhancements for MiContact Center to improve its customer service options. Leveraging Lync with the automated attendant, or IVR (interactive voice response) was of particular importance. Mitel had advanced auto attendant and reporting features that other vendors could not provide.

By combining all calls from its multiple locations onto a single IVR workflow stream, SalusCare can now sort and prioritize calls and route them to the best available agent for better service. During periods of heavy call volume, SalusCare now offers a call-back option and then manages that request with agents and managers to ensure a quick response.

“The results have been great, increasing the number of calls answered by 12 to 15 percent,” Evans said. “We have fewer dropped calls and are more efficient in connecting callers with the most appropriate agent. Mitel was unique in providing this functionality with our Lync solution.”

Mitel was even able to customize an auto attendant for SalusCare’s court-mandated random substance testing program. Individuals ordered by courts in Lee county Florida to undertake random substance tests have to call in daily to SalusCare. They are then instructed if they need to appear on that given day for a random test. SalusCare painstakingly supported this program manually, but with the new Mitel Lync-enabled auto attendant, SalusCare can now automate the process.

“We are constantly seeking better ways to deliver the services our community requires and provide a great customer experience. With Mitel, we’ve been able to achieve this and take full advantage of Lync. And we are poised to add valuable new features and services with Mitel in the future.”