We asked tech leaders and IT pros what they think the future of business communications looks like

Some of their predictions may surprise you

Whether you think the future of business communications is a wonderland of seamless integration or a tangled mess of competing interests, this ebook gives you a peek into what the experts think is coming next.

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Technology is developing at a rapid pace, especially in the communications space. Social media and contact centers are merging. Hardware is both more and less important that ever. IT, HR and marketing are stepping on each other’s toes. Integrations are coming from every angle. Even the way people work is changing. But don’t take our word for it.

Check out these excerpts from the experts:

“We will have IP devices implanted.”
Stephen Newton
“It will be contextual…providing information and data that the users will need to enhance their interaction.”
Blair Pleasant
“WebRTC and other advanced technologies will enable businesses to more easily embed communications into business applications.”
Elka Popova
“Video conferencing will take over, more video and higher quality.”
Frank Priola
“Upon entering my self-driving car, I initiate a 6G video call through a hologram projected on the dashboard.”
Evan Kirstel
“All wearable, like watches & glasses.”
Allen Ginder

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