’Disruptive’ Technology Key to Success

    So-called "disruptive" technology has been the key to much of the world's major technological innovations of late, from personal media services such as Youtube replacing traditional media to established copper-wire telecommunications giants being challenged by new VoIP competition. In order to succeed in the long-run, companies must harness and experiment with this disruptive technology rather than attempt to overpower and trounce out the new forces in the technology landscape.

    ’Disruptive’ Technology Key to Success

    Isn’t it ironic how once-mighty companies have been disrupted while other companies have reinvented themselves by introducing disruptive technology? Take Apple for example. Apple set the world on fire back in the early 1980s with its disruptive Mac personal computer. By the early 1990s, Apple fell on hard times as other companies like IBM, came to the forefront. And now Apple is back in the limelight with its new disruptive mobile consumer electronics technologies, the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

    Similarly, the telecommunications world was long ago disrupted by IP technology, which caused once-giant companies like Lucent and Nortel to take a back seat to companies like Cisco. 3G and 4G wireless technology have been eating away at traditional POTS for several years. And now, with the advent of broadband, IP and the Internet, traditional video delivery is being disrupted with a reported 900,000 traditional video subscribers canceling their service in favor of on-demand Internet video services, such as HULU, Netflix/ROKU, and others.

    In my opinion, traditional telephone companies have two choices: to be disrupted or to be disruptive. I have seen traditional telephone companies thrive in today’s disruptive technology environment, and I’ve also seen some close up shop. But let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

    The successful companies are the ones taking a risk. And by risk I mean they’re using disruptive technology to their advantage. They are thinking outside the box and delivering creative services that exceed their customers’ expectations. They know that, in order to keep customers, they must deliver services beyond ordinary voice mail and call-forwarding. Now, I can’t share all of their secrets, but it’s apparent they are wearing their “Steve Jobs” hats and delivering products and services that are both functional and dynamic, fitting the customer’s way of life.

    They're also earning themselves a devoted following along the way.

    via ’Disruptive’ Technology Key to Success. Posted by Jim Odom Jr., President, Software Solutions, CHR Solutions

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