2010 Is the Year of the Revenue Marketer

    "The expectation of marketers has changed," said Jim Kanir, visionary Revenue Marketer and Chief Revenue Officer for industry-leading hosted business VoIP provider, M5 Networks. "Today's marketers are expected to bring more to the table and significantly contribute to their company's bottom line. Learning how to effectively leverage new technologies to make a real impact on revenue will be the only way for marketing professionals to stay in the game."

    This is a quote with our CMO, Jim Kanir, featured in a new white paper, Profile of a Revenue Marketer: Fulfilling the New Revenue Obligation. This white paper is based on conversations with hundreds of marketers all trying to answer one question: What can marketing do to drive revenue? The paper's objective is to help today's marketing professionals understand their revolutionary new role in revenue production by successfully leveraging new technologies and aligning themselves with sales to contribute tangible revenue results.

    "Today's executives expect more than just a higher number of qualified leads from their marketing teams -- they want to see a measurable return on their marketing investment," said Qaqish. "The new face of marketing is focused on revenue generation and we are dedicated to helping today's marketing professionals make a measurable and repeatable impact on revenue in their organizations."

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