2014 State of Unified Communications Report Released

    Last year was a strong year for Unified Communications as more companies continued to embrace comprehensive communications systems that empowers their business.

    The recent 2014 State of Unified Communications report verifies this trend, with 44 percent of respondents who have UC systems deployed and in use, with an additional 13 percent planning to be up and running within 12 months. This is a nice improvement from the 38 percent in 2013, which in turn was barely an improvement from 2012’s 36 percent.

    Improved employee collaboration is a top business driver for UC said 62 percent of respondents, who listed it as their primary concern when it comes to cost and benefit factors of UC.

    The report found what we at ShoreTel are seeing in regards to UC adoption. An estimated 64 percent of UC deployments are on-premises, three percent are all cloud-based and 17 percent have a hybrid UC that combines the two. At ShoreTel, we are seeing that the trend toward more companies moving toward a hybrid UC system.

    The primary roadblock to UC implementation is a lack of WAN bandwidth, which has caused concerns about the quality of service UC applications can provide. The lack of federation provides a small problem, but nothing insurmountable.

    In spite of some bumps in the road ahead, the future looks good for unified communications. The 2014 report shows a noteworthy growth, but we see 2015 as being a high growth year as more organizations realize the benefits of a successful UC solution. At ShoreTel, we’re working to ensure that UC is faster, easier and brilliantly simple, so that businesses of all shapes, sizes and needs can use it to empower their workforce from anywhere, at any time. We’re aiming to make it so the 2015 Unified Communications Survey will be even more impressive, and that all begins now.