A 2015 View of The UC Landscape

    In my recent end-of-year post, I talked about the major transitions taking place in 2009, and how the world is changing dramatically for the legacy TDM players.

    Now let’s take a refreshing look at how the business communications landscape is likely going to look in 2015.

    Here’s my prediction: We’re going to see ShoreTel, Cisco and some combination of IBM, Microsoft and Google running business communication systems in North America.

    Right now we have a communications industry that’s being transformed as pure IP players take over the market. TDM is dying, and it’s taking formerly formidable, monolithic companies down with it. I believe Nortel is just one of many to fall.

    Take Avaya, for example. Avaya is now at $6 billion of debt with interest payments and many things to accomplish, including having to integrate two companies. Interestingly, Nortel went down with only $2 billion in debt.

    Mitel is also carrying the weight of heavy debt, and likely will need another infusion of cash in the near future if it continues to spend at current levels.

    NEC may be financially sound, but still hasn’t made the transition from TDM to IP technology, and it remains to be seen how effective it will be.

    The transition I’m describing isn’t going to be a minor tweak in the communications business, either. There’s going to be significant fallout in the industry that will revolutionize the marketplace by 2015.

    This exciting time of transition provides a major opportunity, and ShoreTel is going to take advantage of it by accelerating our growth over the coming quarters. We have big plans for the UC market in the next five years, so keep an eye on us—you won’t want to miss this.


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