3 Advantages To Hosted VoIP

    A great deal of businesses need to update or replace their legacy phone systems. But while this may be the case, the route taken to do so will rarely be identical for every company. Some organizations are able to adapt their existing networks with assets like SIP phone service. But other entities may have circuits that are long overdue for the scrap heap. Rather than install a brand-new solution on-site, many businesses are finding that opting for hosted service in the cloud often makes things easier to handle and more effective in the long run.

    There are several advantages to having hosted VoIP service through the cloud. Here are some of the biggest benefits that a company can expect to see:

    1) A Refocused IT Staff

    Tech workers have an incredible amount of responsibility in the enterprise. While they are tasked with a number of different duties, much of their time can get eaten up performing general maintenance and making sure that networks are running effectively. These are essential operations that have to be addressed, but they often prevent true innovation from occurring within an organization's IT department.


    This is where hosted cloud communications can come in handy. By allowing the infrastructure to be maintained off-site by a dedicated crew of professionals, in-house workers can concentrate on new ways it can be leveraged. No two organizations are alike, and no one understands their needs like their own IT staffers. Removing the menial labor involved with enterprise tech fosters a new breed of productivity.

    2) Cost-Effective Communications

    There is a lot of money that goes into managing enterprise networks. Things can break and need to be replaced, for example. Or updated hardware will have to be procured to make sure availability of business phone systems stays constant. This can have an especially serious impact when an entirely new legacy system is chosen to be put into place.


    Hosted providers, however, already have these costs built into their operational procedures. This means that client companies are able to save big on these kinds of expenses and re-direct funds to more mission-specific needs. Having hosted cloud communications can also cut down on expenses in other ways, too. More people are electing to clock-in from beyond the physical workplace on a frequent basis. Depending on how many staff members decide to do this and how frequently it is preferred, money for things like office supplies and rent can be drastically preserved.

    3) Limitless Office

    Especially among millennial employees, working remotely is becoming more common and is frequently requested. There is a greater need to strike a stronger balance between work and personal life, and sometimes that means sticking around the house a couple of days a week. Modern professionals have seen how powerful mobile devices and the cloud can be for productivity, and they are expecting their employers to trust and support them in their remote endeavors. Letting folks work from home is an incredible way to boost morale and overall job satisfaction.


    But having hosted cloud VoIP is not just beneficial for individuals in this way. Growing organizations often reach the point where they need to establish more offices in far away places. In the past, this meant wiring an entirely new location - an endeavor that eats up time and money. Today, it means directing staffers to an app that can be downloaded onto their smartphone. It's that simple to connect new offices with the main headquarters.

    There are a great many reasons to go with a hosted cloud communications provider. In order to get the most out of new technology, it will be important choose off-site systems rather than replace aging legacy equipment.