3 Hot Buttons for Hosted Unified Communications

    Business focused on accelerating growth turn to cloud communications for a simple reason: It increases their agility, especially when it comes to harnessing the power of unified communications (UC). A hosted UC solution offers simplicity, flexibility and scalability – all powerful and welcome attributes for a business that’s facing constant change.

    But finding a hosted solutions provider that can meet your company’s evolving needs can be daunting. Since cloud communications technology is also evolving, finding the best choice for your organization requires that you understand both your own business needs along with where the communications industry is heading.

    J Arnold & Associates, a firm that monitors the communications technology landscape, identified three “hot button” trends that organizations need to bear in mind as they evaluate potential solutions: scalability, integration and security. Let’s take a closer look at what each involves.

    UC Hot Button #1: Scalability

    A cloud communications solution must have the ability to accommodate change. While this is a core requirement for most businesses, it’s particularly important for those that are growing, want to remain agile and competitive, have a remote workforce or need to optimize contact center resources.

    If your business fits one or more of those categories, a hosted unified communications solution offers several benefits. First and foremost, cloud-based solutions are borderless, allowing businesses to scale along any vector, physical or virtual – by number of locations, for example, or by geography or type of office setting.

    In addition, flexibility is a key driver of agility. When using cloud-based products, companies can migrate to hosted unified communications at their own pace, regardless of how fast their business is growing.

    Also, cloud solutions are cost effective. Because they’re usually purchased on a subscription basis, cloud communications services are an operating -- not a capital -- expense.

    UC Hot Button #2: Application Integration

    Perhaps the greatest advantage of hosted UC solutions is their ability to bring together all facets of communications. With the ability to integrate applications such as conferencing, instant messaging and fax, a company can streamline interactions both internally and with customers, partners and prospects.

    That means your workforce can be more productive and able to quickly adapt to different situations, seamlessly transitioning from one mode to another in real time and working in a multi-channel mode, if necessary.

    Plus, hosted unified communications provide employees with access to enterprise-grade applications that extend top-quality collaboration capabilities to any workspace environment, including remote sites, mobile modes and teleworkers. Businesses thus find it easier to support a disparate workforce, even if they have offices around the world.

    UC Hot Button #3: Security

    Security is always a concern for businesses, and data risks associated with cloud communications are no exception. It’s important to recognize the nature of the security threats your company faces and make sure they’re properly prioritized in your business planning.

    When it comes to selecting a telecommunications solution, be sure to work with a vendor who ranks security at the top of their list. For example, look at their churn rate and try to determine how many customers they’ve lost over security concerns, and find out how quickly their data center teams can implement security fixes when necessary.

    For a more detailed explanation of these trends and to develop a better understanding about how to select the kind of partner who can most effectively address your needs, download our eGuide, "3 Hot Buttons for Hosted UC".

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