3 Key UC Benefits Your Government Agency Should Capitalize On

    When it comes to working in government, knowledge truly is power. Whether you’re involved in a federal, state or local government, advanced communication and collaboration must be at the heart of your operations. And governmental organizations are quickly realizing the potential of powerful, advanced technology, including a unified communications (UC) platform.

    Unified communications can provide governmental organizations with a range of substantive benefits, including these three:

    1. Reduced Operational Costs

    By deploying your call center and applications as virtual appliances within a VMware environment, you’ll see significantly reduced operational costs—as well as cost-savings on cooling, maintenance and travel costs—as you’ll be integrating communications into existing infrastructures while migrating to an advanced, IP environment.

    2. Improved Service

    Federal government agencies have one goal in mind: Simplifying the process of interaction for citizens, businesses and other government agencies, while simultaneously saving taxpayer dollars. You need to deliver uncompromised service and stay in line with your budget and business realities. Thanks to easy adoption, integration, management and overall use, a UC platform can help you do just that. Even better, advanced UC capabilities like audio, Web and video conferencing and collaboration mean enhanced interaction among staff.

    3. Enhanced Staff Flexibility and Productivity

    For government agencies, it’s not uncommon to have multiple services delivered out of different offices that are further segmented into different business units. Needless to say, if you’re not empowered by the best technology on the market, the lapse in communications continuity may be seriously threatening the productivity of your staff. Whether they’re in-office or on-the-go, enhanced mobility support means that staff can always get a complete, in-office experience anywhere and at anytime thanks to mobile features like hot desking and Find Me/Follow Me.

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