3 Points Increases Sales with M5 Networks Call Metrics and Salesforce.com Integration

    NEW YORK, NY(Apr. 21st, 2009)-M5 Networks, market leader in business phone systems utilizing VoIP technology, announced today that 3 Points, a leading technology provider for mid-sized businesses based in the Midwest, increased sales significantly with M5 Networks business VoIP using Call Metrics and Salesforce.com Integration.

    The metrics in M5’s User Portal help executives and managers monitor, compare and improve staff performance. Click-to-call integration with Salesforce.com saves time for sales people and increases efficiency. 3 Points uses M5 remote working and find-me-follow-me features to mobilize their workforce and transfer calls seamlessly across offices and off-net locations. Voice is delivered as a Service, yet administrative control is still in the hands of 3 Points staff, allowing on-the-fly profile adjustment and a pay-per-profile billing structure.

    Kevin Doyle, President at 3 Points remarked, “Our naturally competitive staff is motivated by performance comparisons, and the M5 User Portal lets us measure sales activity using real-time metrics. I know exactly what is going on with my staff, and our sales have gone up dramatically.”

    3 Points custom fits clients with appropriate service plans by conducting a preliminary on-site visit, producing an IT inventory assessment and recommendation list and creating a thorough technology roadmap for the company.

    About M5 Networks

    M5 Networks provides business-strength Voice-over-IP phone systems delivered as a disaster-proof hosted service. M5's delivery model facilitates the rapid deployment of advanced phone system functionality and drives a consistent voice experience as businesses become increasingly dispersed, malleable and 24/7. M5's simple pricing model offers companies a low cost-of-entry to a feature set that has traditionally required large capital expenditure and dedicated IT resources. Customers offload phone system support and maintenance hassles to M5's experts. M5's voice platform frees all voice-related data and commands to mash with other applications, driving business intelligence, improving customer service, and enhancing enterprise application effectiveness. With over 900 customers, M5 has numerous industry awards and recognitions and is headquartered in New York City. To learn more about M5, please visit www.shoretelsky.com.

    About 3 Points

    3 Points is a technology provider for mid-sized businesses in the Midwest US that want the benefits of having an IT department without the task or cost of management. 3 Points differentiates itself in the market place with their standardized processes and carefully selected operating systems. 3 Points consultants assess client technology needs, customize IT plans and outline and perform implementation with complete documentation given to clients. Recurring maintenance plans and regular on site visits ensure excellent service and customer experience. To learn more, please visit www.3points.com.

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