3 Reasons Hybrid Phone Systems Make Good Financial Sense

    Cloud-based phone systems have wide appeal, especially for organizations that want to focus their resources on running their businesses, not managing technology. But for organizations that want to take a more measured approach to the cloud, a hybrid phone system may be the right choice.

    A hybrid phone system provides the best of both worlds — the control of an onsite system with the ease of cloud. Beyond these benefits, hybrid phone systems also make good financial sense. Below are three ways a hybrid phone can improve your bottom line:

    1.  Shift your budget from capital expenses to operational expenses. Deploying a new onsite phone system means making a hefty upfront capital investment. Your business needs to buy all of the necessary servers, switches and software, which can take years to fully depreciate. You may need a consultant or systems integrator to install and configure the new phone system. And you’ll need a systems administrator who can make changes and updates, and handle any troubleshooting. 

    With a hybrid phone system – one that allows some of your communications to remain onsite and some to be served from the cloud – you can add new sites, new users and new applications using a cloud-based service that you pay for with a monthly subscription. Hence, a hybrid system frees up both capital and IT staff for other strategic projects.

    2.  Preserve your investment in your onsite phone system. With a hybrid phone system, you can leverage your investment in your current onsite phone system while adding new sites, new applications and new user accounts as needed in the cloud. You can extend the functionality of your current phone system and scale for seasonal demand easily and cost effectively. But you can still retain a large measure of the control in-house for critical functions and applications, even as you migrate communications to the cloud.

    3.  Pay as you go for new sites and users. In today’s fast-paced market, businesses require the ability to adapt to change. A hybrid phone system that can be deployed and managed with a single solution and user interface gives businesses greater agility, allowing them to adjust to seasonal demands, market shifts and everyday changes. 

    For instance, with ShoreTel Connect HYBRID Sites, new cloud-based branch offices can be connected to the onsite phone system easily providing four-digit dialing, a common dial plan and directory across offices and employees. With HYBRID Sites providing the flexibility of where to put communications in the cloud or onsite, businesses have the flexibility of how they pay for the the communications they need.

    Looking to improve your bottom line? Learn more about ShoreTel hybrid phone system offerings here.


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