4 Reasons to Start Looking at Alternatives to Your Current Phone System NOW

    If the contract on your current legacy on-premises phone system is coming up for renewal, you may already be considering new options. But even if you’re in the beginning or middle of your contract, you should also start examining cloud alternatives right now.

    Here’s why:

    1.  Obsolete Technology - Given the rapidly changing demands of your business and, depending on the state of your equipment, chances are that a portion of your on-premises phone system is obsolete if you’ve had it for a while. Even with a newer system you may have found that it’s not effectively addressing customer needs and/or maximizing staff productivity.

    2.  Throwing Good Money After Bad - Some businesses try to stay current by adding functionality, but too many add-ons can result in multiple solutions (and vendors) that become difficult to maintain. At some point, the decision needs to be made regarding continued investment in legacy equipment versus fully replacing it, moving to the cloud, or considering a hybrid solution.

    3.  Changes in Your Business - Your examination may signal that it’s time to begin transitioning now. The economics and increased functionality might make sense, especially if your business is changing in size, increasing the amount of remote workers or expanding to new locations.

    4.  Migration That Works for You – If your business has separate business units, operational locations or multiple PBX contracts, an alternative option to a full “rip and replace” would be a gradual migration of the most logical parts of your business to the cloud. Start with departments where you can save the most money or that have the highest call volume or fluctuations in staff.

    No matter where you are in your contract term, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by beginning to investigate your options now. There’s no time like the present to begin getting your ducks in a row. Download our free, interactive planning guide to help identify items on your to-do list, gain additional insights via resource links and keep your sanity in check.