4 Steps to Unified Communications Success

    Unified communications (UC) combines several methods of communication in one portal and is becoming increasingly popular among businesses these days. Since UC is still fairly new, there are various myths about it. According to an one of the biggest myths about UC is that it costs a lot of money. Although the technology does require an initial investment, it can help save a company more money in the long run. Since UC allows employees to connect from any location using a variety of means, it can reduce travel expenses and speed up work processes. 

    In order for UC to work successfully, it is important for a business to plan accordingly. Here are four ways to make UC a success.

    1) Allow Employees to Bring Their Own Devices

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming more common in the workplace and can help simplify UC. If a business wants to support devices that are not issued by the organization, it is wise to allow employees to bring their own technology into the office. According to a Business Insider article written by Scott Kraege, it will give employees the freedom to use their own devices, while lowering costs for an organization. 

    2) Know an Organization's Security Requirements

    Before a manger attempts to implement UC, he or she should know all about the organization's security requirements. For example, if a company has strict security requirements, it may be wise to have a private cloud instead of a public or hybrid one. It is also important to use strong passwords for VoIP phones and monitor every call log. 

    3) Test the Technology 

    It is important to test any technology prior to making a purchase. A reputable UC provider will allow a business to fully test out the technology before requiring a purchase.

    4) Train Employees

    When upgrading to a unified communications system, employers must take the time to thoroughly train their staff members. If employees do not know how to properly utilize the technology, the system will not run as smoothly. It is important for an organization to inform its workers about the change ahead of time. Michelle Kay, a Senior Advisor at Impact Advisors, recently wrote an article for Healthcare Informatics and recommended approaching training like writing an essay: introduce the technology, explain the technology and explain it again. 

    An organization's employees might take several days to completely get used to UC, but implementing this system is beneficial for everyone involved.