4 Ways Cloud Communications Can Help CIOs Meet Priorities in 2017

    What’s high on the CIO’s priority list for the coming months? According to the 2017 Gartner CIO Agenda Survey, it’s digitization – the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities.

    Gartner gathered data from 2,598 CIO respondents in 93 countries and all major industries, representing approximately $9.4 trillion in revenue/public-sector budgets and $292 billion in IT spending. As the results of the survey reveal, creating a digital ecosystem will be the top priority, followed by business intelligence, analytics and enterprise resource planning.

    Cloud communications can help CIOs accelerate progress against their goals by streamlining and simplifying daily workplace activities. Thus, deploying a cloud communications solution may be the most effective – and expedient – first step a CIO can make. Here are four reasons why this idea makes so much sense.

    Standardize Your Communications

    Almost without exception, enterprises need to support employees working in multiple locations. Whether they are in a satellite or home office, or work from airports and hotels, these employees must have access to the same tools and information that their colleagues in headquarters have. For IT teams, though, getting and keeping off-site employees on the same communications technology can be a challenge.

    Fortunately, cloud communications can eliminate the hassle of working with multiple telecommunications vendors and systems. And with unified communications, it doesn’t matter how many new offices your organization opens. Everyone – from the entire staff of a newly opened satellite location to a single worker in a home office – can be brought online in just a couple of clicks.

    Integrate Business Applications

    Having the right communications tools is just a start. The ability to deliver stellar customer experiences or manage partnerships more effectively requires data. By integrating business applications, such as CRM and supply chain data, into your cloud communications solution, information can flow effortlessly around the organization, improving customer interactions and employee decision-making.

    Improve Candidate Experience

    As the economy improves, businesses find it increasingly difficult to attract top talent. However, one way to set yourself apart from the competition is to deliver a stellar candidate experience. In the same way that instant access to customer information can enhance the customer experience, the integration of applicant tracking systems into cloud communications solutions can change the playing field for human resources recruiters. By personalizing the hiring process, they can raise the level of candidate interest in your company.

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership

    According to the Gartner survey, CIOs are already spending 18% of their budget for digitization. By 2018, this is expected to increase to 28%. Thus, tech leaders are highly motivated to get the most from their budget spend. Cloud communications offers the potential to lower costs while also realizing strong revenue gains from exceptional customer care.

    It’s easy to see how cloud communications can help CIOs deliver on each of their priorities for 2017. CIOs who deploy this early and as an essential component of their digital ecosystem will reap tangible benefits.

    For example, collaboration and productivity will improve, as employees take advantage of one-click conferencing. With customer information at their fingertips, sales and customer service can build stronger, more profitable relationships with clients. HR will be more likely to win over key talent, improving the organization’s competitiveness overall.

    The bottom line for CIOs under pressure to deliver on 2017 priorities? Cloud communications can ensure they’ll not only meet their goals, but also create positive outcomes for line of business teams as well.

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